Tottenham star’s taunts to ‘spur’ Arsenal into action?

Yes Arsenal have gone behind Tottenham in the Premier League table for the first time this season and everyone is making a massive deal out of it. The TV pundits who were confidently predicting a month ago that the Gunners had sorted all our problems out are now saying that nothing has changed and they are also now saying that Spurs will carry on their form and finally finish above us.

Arsenal boss rules out top striker transfer

Arsenal fans will be hoping that the striker who has scored more Premier League goals than any other in 2015 has an off day this weekend. That striker is Harry Kane and he will be leading the line for Tottenham against the Gunners in the latest episode in the long running rivalry that is the north London derby.

But while the Spurs fans sing about him being one of their own, there are those awkward photos of the young Kane in an Arsenal shirt celebrating us winning the title and he was also part of the youth set up with Arsenal when he was very young.

Why Arsenal have a REAL threat from Spurs this season

We might still see Arsenal’s north London rivals Tottenham suffer their annual collapse which allows the Gunners to have finished above them in the Premier League table for as long as most of us can remember, but I would not put money on it Gooners.

Their performance in beating the league leaders Chelsea on new years day was thoroughly convincing and has got me seriously worried that they might finally pip Arsenal to the final Champions League position, assuming that Chelsea, Man City and Man United take the top three spots.