Arsenal to smash wage structure to sign TOP player

Arsene Wenger has showed us that he is willing to spend big money in the transfer market if he thinks it is the right thing for the club, with the signing of the Germany international Mesut Ozil a couple of years back for over £40 million almost trebling the club record at the time.

And now it looks like the manager could be set to break another record. Don’t get too excited though, because it is for the same player as a report in The Mirror claims that Wenger is set to offer Ozil a bumper new contract as a reward for the scintillating form our attacking midfield star has been in this season, or more accurately ever since he came back from a spell on the sidelines with a knee injury last season.

As the German play maker is currently on about the same wages as our Chile international forward Alexis Sanchez and they are the club’s top earners, any new deal for Ozil would be likely to take him past Alexis in the salary stakes. He has certainly been brilliant for us this year and his creative stats are the best of any player in Europe’s big leagues but is he really worth more than the Chilean dynamo?

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal to smash wage structure to sign TOP player

  1. He and Alexis show the rest of the team why they are on more money. I think it is not a competition between Ozil and Sanchez regarding wage, but rather what they negotiate as acceptable in line with their own opinion of their worth. If one player earns more than the other I am sure it will not bother the lesser paid one because they are earning what that agreed to.

    Remember the inconsequential Walcott is 120k per week and this I personally find ridiculous. I would have valued Walcott at 90k per week at most. In my book, a player who has not completed more than a half a season in 10 years is not a player you pay 120k per week to. He is expected to play at least 2 games a week … so I would pay him 60k per game. If he plays two games in a week he has his 120k for a weeks work. If he is injured, it will not be for long. Calculating the amount of money you are losing while injured miraculously helps people recover. I am really quite tired of seeing the same players always unavailable, and to see one of them earning this riduculous amount for doing nothing us sick. I would have sold him 5 years ago.

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