Arsenal’s Full-back Problem Will Become A Thing Of The Past Soon

Finally good news coming from the Emirates Stadium as Wenger confirmed that Arsenal’s star full-back Backary Sagna will indeed be ready for action much sooner than expected.

Having injured himself in the London derby against Tottenham from the start of the season after a challenge by Asou-Ekotto, Sagna was expected to be out for the better part of 3 months, but he’s proving to be a champion both on the field and off it and he’ll be back much in a shorter time than expected.

“He is a long way ahead of schedule.”, said Wenger.

“I saw him still limping a little bit so we have to be careful but physically he will be ready very quickly because he worked very hard in the gym.

“We think the end of January is a reasonable target for him.”

Wenger needs Sagna like he needs air right now, but truth be told another full-back must be transferred in January if the Frenchman wants to stay away from unwanted problems. Even if brought on loan, a full-back must come because Arsenal can’t risk playing too much with 4 centre-backs like they did lately.

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