BOOM – Chelsea rocked and Arsenal BIG favourites to win!

After that shocking and below par display from Arsenal in the Champions League, despote all the changes to the starting line up, Arsene Wenger and the players need to get back into the swing and give us Arsenal fans something to cheer about.

Normally a trip to Chelsea would be the last thing you wanted in that situation but right now it could be just what the Gunners need. It was unfortunate that Chelsea got a good and easy win at home to the hapless Maccabi Tel Aviv this week but that only papers over the cracks and a Premier League clash with a major rival is a whole other matter.

And their job just became a lot harder with the news that their new striker signing Pedro Rodriguez as well as their Brazilian international Willian have both picked up an injury that will keep them out of the game against Arsenal. Brilliant news for us as these two were among Chelsea´s best players so far this season.

This significantly reduces their goal threat and as they have been defending like a team of schoolgirls as well, Arsenal will feel confident and may never have a better chance of beating them on their own turf.

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