Has Wenger finally accepted the FA cup is HUGE for Arsenal?

It is an ever growing concern that this season is slowly turning out to be ever so similar to those that have passed before. We have been in the running and likely contenders for at least three competitions out of the four before slowing progressing into a period of decline that eventually leaves us trophy-less for another successive season.

Although no Arsenal fan obviously wants that to happen, whether you’re full of optimism or not, you cannot help but view our chances with a growing pessimistic mindset. Personally I think, albeit hanging on its last thread, that Arsenal could still possibly win two trophies and at very least the FA Cup. However a double of the FA Cup and Premier League now seems increasingly unlikely after our recent run. But it isn’t impossible and something that the Gunners could still realistically achieve with a lot of hard work.

But if not, and Wenger believes he must sacrifice one for another, then I think we should go for the FA Cup this season. By that I don’t mean we throw away our Premier League campaign entirely because by the looks of things there could still be a big fight for a top four spot and Champions league football but instead play our main strengths in the FA Cup.

Most notably there is still a good two months in the Premier League season in which Arsenal can jump positions all across the table before the standing league positions are confirmed. Whereas the FA Cup offers an opportunity of a few more games before hopefully holding success at Wembley. Arsenal’s squad is becoming increasingly thin and the available players seem to be slowly getting through a tough period of time, however a semi-final place awaits the Gunners if they progress past the Toffees in tomorrow’s game.

The fact is with Arsenal at the moment, it isn’t about winning the most glamorous and award winning status, with Arsenal it’s all about the experience of winning and what it feels like to be winner. The FA Cup offers this exactly for the Gunners. Wenger has said this week that he will not let the upcoming trip to Bayern affect his team selection, I just hope he means it.

I’m sure some people will have the approach of just filling a team with stars no matter their fitness or mentality is okay but they could be unfortunately reminded that sometimes football just isn’t that simple. If Wenger believes the squad only has enough in its locker then I think we should focus on the FA Cup.

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One thought on “Has Wenger finally accepted the FA cup is HUGE for Arsenal?

  1. How ridiculous that Arsenal is once again having to prioritise competitions because of Wengers antics in the transfer market.
    He had the opportunity to reinforce the squad with a striker, a winger and strengthen the team for the inevitable injuries, once again he failed and the team and fans suffer for his ineptitude.

    Not even starting on his lack of on field tactics and one dimensional football or the fact that he hasn’t managed to beat a top 4 team for 2 yrs.

    Taxi for Wenger…

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