“I’m ready to join Arsenal” – Yeah Right!!!!

As we enter the early days of December it’s not surprise to hear that the transfer speculation surrounding the big event next month is already underway, especially for Premier League leaders Arsenal, who as always are being linked with about 5 different players a day, and that’s without exaggerating.

Now the sheer number of rumours surrounding Arsenal goes to show that we shouldn’t really interpret everything the media say as the truth because in the majority of cases it’s fairly certain that their stories are a simple paper seller. However today in the approach to the New Year and therefore January transfer window, Arsenal are once again being linked with Youssouf Mulumbu.

The West Bromwich Albion man may not be the most recognisable player when it comes to likely transfer targets for Arsenal and that’s largely because he isn’t considered a world class player, nor does he play for a top club, however it doesn’t mean the rumour is false because with what the defensive midfielder has been saying, it would seem as if he is fairly confident of securing a move away next month.

Although Mulumbu reiterated his passion for West Brom, it seemed that from his words he definitely has his heart set on a move away from the Baggies, with Arsenal supposedly being a club that is not only interested in him, but the Gunners interest him too.
Mulumbu said:
“It’s a family club, I’ve been here five years but I’ve spoken to the manager and board and they’re aware of my ambitions for the future. If I have the opportunity to go to a bigger club, I will. I owe them a lot, but I went to get to a level where I play in the Europa League or Champions League.”

“I have had approaches from Arsenal. I could leave this winter. This is the right time for me to set my sights higher. I’m ready to join a top-four club. We are not professional enough in the way we manage our games – for example our draw at Chelsea. We are not mature enough.”

Although this could all be talk in the hope of securing a move away from the Hawthorns, if it is true that Arsenal have contacted him, then I think we have all been left a little confused.

First of all if we are going to compete and win the title, we need more world class players, and I’m afraid with no disrespect to Mulumbu but he isn’t exactly a top quality player. I don’t think he would be able to do a very good job for the Gunners and if we are trying to be as ambitious as the likes of Barcelona and Manchester United, then in comparison could you see the Congo man doing a job at either of those clubs? I didn’t think so.

Furthermore he would be nothing but a wasted player at Arsenal because right now the midfield is the last area of the pitch we need to strengthen. With the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ozil, Flamini and Arteta all competing for a few spaces, as well as the likes of Podolski, Walcott and AOC forcing their way into the attacking part of the pitch, I simply cannot see any room for another midfield man, and if there was to be another signing in this department then let’s hope for the club’s sake that its someone better than Mulumbu!

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2 thoughts on ““I’m ready to join Arsenal” – Yeah Right!!!!

  1. Couldn’t have agree more…if Wenger ever contacted this chap, then he deserves a kick right at his ass. I think over the last few months (before the season begins) this old man has finally repent and learned his lesson well. After all with all the violent criticisms from the home fans as well as around world, I guess he must had a sleepless nights with all sorts of funny nightmares. My gut feeling tells me that Wenger will sign another top players from LaLiga and my bets will be on either Angel DiMaria, Benzema or Morata. During this winter, don’t be surprise that we might get another experience players such as Kalou for a nominal fee.

  2. Whatever Mulumbu is smoking, I would like some of that too.

    The only central midfield player I think Arsenal should be remotely interested in signing is Paul Pogba. Put him in the deepest of our midfield three with Ramsey and Ozil in front of him and we will dominate. He would be our own Yaya Toure and help us boss games from the midfield, break up counter attacks and he seems to also have a knack for scoring big goals (reminds me of Viera in that sense).

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