Is Fellaini the reason Arsenal have not signed a DM?

Reports are flying around that Arsenal have placed a £22m bid for Everton’s Belgium international, Marouane Fellaini. The bid is said to have been tabled on Wednesday, just about the time Everton were announcing the appointment of their new manager, Roberto Martinez.

It’s widely known that Fellaini has a get-out clause in his contract that can be activated at £22m by a top four club – the Belgian has always been clear about wanting to play in the Champions League.

It must be stressed that this hasn’t yet been verified by the clubs involved, but it comes just after Arsenal chief executive, Ivan Gazidis was quoted as saying that the Gunners are now ready to join the big boys in the transfer and wages department.

He told the Independent: “This year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for some time, which is the escalation in our financial firepower.”

He also stated in the interview that Arsenal had no “philosophical” objection to spending the sort of transfer money that the other top four clubs have regularly splashed out, even hinting that the club would be prepared to relax its wage structure, if necessary.

By now all Arsenal fans will be thinking they’re in the midst of a dream, so let’s get back to a semblance of reality. Even if the report is true and we’ve actually bid for Fellaini, it would likely be just an opening shot. The chances are that other teams would enter the race and push the price up to a level Arsenal might not feel comfortable matching.

But Arsene Wenger is a long time fan of the Everton player. He would have noted his versatility as an effective attacking midfielder and his strong on-field physical presence. In fact, the Belgian’s reported favourite position is as a defensive midfielder. Which is just what we need. Could this be why no move has yet been made for any of the other DMs said to be available?

It has also been suggested that Fellaini was a certainty to join his old boss, David Moyes at Man United. That’s still, of course, possible. But maybe Moyes has an agreement not to poach any of his ex players – at least for a certain period from the appointment. Or maybe this is Arsene’s way of telling Moyes “Hands off Fabregas!”

Either way, it seems it’s not just the weather that’s hotting up.


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13 thoughts on “Is Fellaini the reason Arsenal have not signed a DM?

  1. Wenger shuld pls sign rooney, fellaini, fabrigas, cezer, Alaba nd williams, before chelsea will come out for any of dem, u knw we cant compete wit dem in term os spendin big on players. Pls do dat fast

    1. In reply to Miko o francis dont want much do you, come on be realistic a more likely and realistic line up of players that would improve the squad is Cesar, Williams, Capoue and Higuain plus add some youth and fringe players

  2. the dream of fellani working with wenger is mor appealing than working with moyes.wenger is a better coach and he will easily get his preferred position in arsenal than man.u

    1. Unfortunately Wenger is not a better coach. He would NOT know match winning variable tactics if they reared up and bit him on the back side. Moyes has had far less money to spend than Wenger over the last 3 – 4 years.

  3. The reason he has not signed a dmf is he has not agreed the need (!) His coaches pleaded with him to buy Parker while at West Ham but Wenger would not (!!)

  4. In my opinion £22m is too much for Fellaini, and if another club puts in a bid it could be £25m or even more! For that kind of money you can get a quality striker like Higuain or maybe Rooney. If that number is accurate I think Fellaini is over-priced. £10m or £15m seems like a more reasonable price.

  5. Ks Well..this article is not abt we’re signing flamini..its only ur point of view..for those who keep whining pls sign this player or pls sign that player made us readers sick..d ya think afc board or arsene will read this article and response to ur comments?

  6. I believe Gazidis as far as I can throw an elephant.
    Every breath he makes is a lie…

    I believe when I see it.

    The season ticket sales are at their lowest for 6 years… I won’t be surprise if they are throwing ” transfer bombs ” just to make the fans react and take out their wallets…!!

    Rooney? Fellaini?

  7. He was a long term fan of Gourcuff and Arteta. Took years to sign Arteta.

    Like you say, all our rivals will bid higher than us.

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