Jenkinson – The team spirit at Arsenal is fantastic the Ox is my best mate

The young Arsenal defender Carl Jenkinson has already admitted that he is a true Gooner and even has his bedroom decorated with Arsenal wallpaper! And now he is at his boyhood club he is very impressed with the freindliness and team spirit in the Arsenal dressing room.

“I have only been at Charlton before, but the team spirit here is fantastic,” he said. “Everyone gets on, which is quite rare in football. Often you have cliques of people or people who argue all the time, but we all get on well here.

“That is a big thing and it boosts the morale of the team. We are all friends, which helps on the pitch because you have that faith and trust in one another.”

“A lot of us younger ones hang out and do stuff together. I spend a lot of time with Chamberlain in particular, just hanging out and going for dinner and that sort of thing,” he said.

“I love a bit of FIFA. Who is the best one? That’s a silly question, isn’t it! The boys are alright, but on my day I think I am definitely up there. I am still in my family home, so a lot of the time I will drive down to Alex’s house and we will just chill and play some FIFA.

“We have to rest up a lot of the time, so we normally just chill and watch films. I am quite into Prison Break, so we have watched a lot of that.

“We can’t be running around in theme parks and that sort of thing. We have a round of golf now and then. Normally we tend to take it easy, but that suits me fine.”

It’s good news that despite the divisions amongst the Arsenal fans, there is harmony in the dressing room. I like the old saying; A team that plays together, stays together! Let’s hope this is true for next season.

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