Mikel Arteta – The panic-buy that became indispensable to Arsenal!

In my opinion, Mikel Arteta is probably one of the most underrated players not just at Arsenal but in the entire Premier League. Who would have imagined that this ‘panic buy’ that Arsene Wenger signed on transfer deadline day in summer 2011 for £10 million would have ever turned out not just to be an important player on the pitch for Arsenal but also off it.

When he signed almost two years ago, did any of you expect him to have such an impact on the team? I mean I certainly didn’t think he would one day be Arsenal’s captain for a lot of games, in fact what was basically the entire second half of the season. His role is often forgotten about and what he does for the team often goes unnoticed.

He may not score a lot of goals, or get a lot of assists but he holds other attributes that make his position on the field and presence of the player himself such a key aspect to Arsenal’s game.

Our game is focused around passing the ball. Arteta has almost every attribute of passing style and talent you could possibly think of. Alongside Wilshere and Cazorla, Arteta is the pass master of midfield and often makes the most passes during a game.

Games are also heavily based around midfield and Arteta controls the midfield very well and is key to making sure not only he controls the midfield and Arsenal are dominate in possession but also that he protects the back four from any passing attacking threats.

Some have called for Arteta’s role to be axed from the team, if a figure such as Fellaini comes in and ultimately I agree that it should be Arteta that makes way, especially if we go with the three man set up of Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla. However if its Arteta, Ramsey and Wilshere, then Arteta should definitely remain in the team. His experience is vital, not to mention even though he is now in his early thirties, he still has undeniable talent.

I really don’t understand why people underrate Arteta so much. He may not be the best player on the pitch, but he continues to do his job consistently and has arguably turned into one of our most important players currently at the club, since his arrival less than two years ago.

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10 thoughts on “Mikel Arteta – The panic-buy that became indispensable to Arsenal!

  1. Arteta is better in controlin the arsenal milfield than carzola and wilshere,if fellani is bought,i shudnt b axed 4rm the milfield rather wilshere becuz he is nt consistent for nw

  2. U guys have no idea about football. have u ever pkayed football. wilshere is god compared to arteta. arteta is slow and could never play for bayern or barca. wilshere could easily. stupid article

    1. No … it is you who does not know. Arteta and Wilshere have different styles of play. One is less brilliant but more mature and less wasteful. Arsenal have lacked the right combination of skill and power. Fellaini would solve that (or a fit Diaby !) Wilshere and Cazorla are too similar – small, highly skilled play makers … not fast and not ball winning. Work out how much more successful we were last season when only one of them played (usually Cazorla) versus both of them (with Cazorla marginalised.) I have.

  3. Not a holding midfielder..it took him 6months to get used to it..did improve but nowhere near the standards of vieira fabregas g.silva….

    Indispensable? ?

    1. Arteta did a very good job in a position he was not used to. Typical Wenger decision … (Arshavin, Denilson, Djourou).

  4. Its undeniable that we have a great player in mikel arteta….and its by no luck he became the club captain…can’t just get the goal he scored against mancity outta ma head….jezz!!!….I love him.

  5. Arteta to me is great and has been great 4 arsenal..if fellaini come ma mid-field shud be carzola,arteta and fellaini,..jack shud sit on d bench,cos wat he can offer….carzola can do d same!!!…but arteta is a magican an d ball!….he’s goal against mancity wud everly be remebered by true gunner fans world wide!!!..much luv arteta…wish u more in ur career with arsenal!!!

  6. What about the penalty he missed? Last minute and screwed up the early part of the season, it deflated the players, fans and everyone associated with Arsenal. He is a ‘good’ player, but Arsenal should and hopefully in future, are, looking to add a better calibre player than MA. He is a good servant to the club, works hard, but there is no need to idolise a player who would not get past Ray Parlour in the invincibles team.

  7. A while ago I read some article comparing Arteta to other DMs in Europe, and actually he was one of the best this past season, in the top 5, in terms of no. of passes, passing accuracy, tackles etc.
    I mostly agree with your opinions, but if Fellaini comes he would be a DM, and I would like to see Arteta and Fellaini as our 1st choice DMs. Not only is Arteta a pass master and a great captain, but he has the experience. Gunners always complain about not having experience in the team and always letting go of our experienced players, but you’re happy to see Arteta benched?
    Arsene KNOWS.
    P.S. Wilshere is a sh*t DM because he simply cannot defend, he is far better in CM.

  8. Arteta should be the first on the team sheet every week.
    We missed him badly when he was injuried last season and the season before.
    If we get Felliani….. It’s should be Arteta, Jack and Felliani as our central 3….. All of them can rotate positions….

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