Podolski to Dortmund? only if Lewandowski comes to Arsenal

It’s almost become an expectation for Arsenal to lose our star player of the last season in the transfer period. It’s happened for the last few years with Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie, and then even before that in Henry, Vieira and Hleb. This season it looked to be different, however interest is reportedly growing in our German International striker Lukas Podolski.

Now firstly, in my point of view, Podolski is in no way our best player. He’s one of the better players and ‘big name’ players at the club, but by no means is he the best player at Arsenal. Podolski, who has already been linked with several clubs in Italy, now seems to be gathering interest from his homeland, with Borussia Dortmund reportedly interested in the 27 year old, with the Champions League runner up set lose to lose their main man Robert Lewandowski to the Champion’s League winners and German rivals Bayern Munich. If Dortmund were asking for a swap deal then we would be talking!

Podolski has already stated that he wishes to remain with Arsenal next season after joining the Gunners just last year for around £10 million. Podolski personally feels he had a relatively good season with the club scoring 16 goals and getting 11 assists in 42 appearances for Arsenal. I would both agree and disagree with this. I feel that the stats are average and I honestly expected more from the German International. However, considering that it was his first season in England and he played on the wing for the majority of the time, as well as considering he rarely completed more than 60 minutes a game, I suppose the stats aren’t that bad. They should get better next season.

The thing I am worried about however is his work rate and ethic. On the wing he is fantastic at going back and helping Monreal or Gibbs in defence and we cannot praise him enough for his overall work for the team in this aspect, however an issue with this is he can sometimes go missing from games attacking wise. On the flanks its relatively easy to recover and cooperate in attack, but when he was seen playing in the central striking role a few times during the season, he would often go missing from games because he was too far back on the pitch, in a midfielder’s role at times.

Overall my opinion hasn’t really changed on Podolski. I think he can be fantastic player; I’m just yet to really see anything amazingly special from him. Perhaps he wasn’t meant to reach the heights I expected him to at Arsenal, but next year we will know for sure.

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7 thoughts on “Podolski to Dortmund? only if Lewandowski comes to Arsenal

  1. our prince will stay
    Dortmund if they need player we will give SANOGA on loan and Bendtner on Bermenet
    if they don’t we will give them cash and take ROBERTO LEWANDOWISKI

    that’s all

  2. some people dont understand that podolski plays like this. for e.g against wigan, we didnt see podolski a lot but he scored twice. he is a predator, arsenal play a lot on the wings so he has to work a lot. when he plays in the middle he likes to fall back to link up or march around the penalty box ready to pounce on a chance

  3. I was hoping to see our 4 main attacking players score 60+ goals. In fact they scored 66. I was hoping they would achieve around 50+ assists and they contributed 53. I would think that no other 4 have achieved more for arsenal, at least certainly not since the invincible days.
    walcott 21,17
    giroud 17,11
    podolski 16,11
    cazorla 12,14
    if we can get 4 more players to put serious competition to those stats then we really will be in business. I am happy enough to have chamberlain (due to his age and versatility) as one of those, however rosicky, gervinho and chamakh simply don’t achieve the goals or the assists. certainly rosicky and gervinho should not be the first out of the door though or even at all if we don’t replace them.

    1. Rosicky?! He is such an asset to the club i hope he grows old with Arsenal. And signing four attackers?!

      you really have no idea!!

    1. Really? Benteke had only played for one season. The question is, can he have a repeat performance in his second season? The manager has experience on his side and must surely have his own criteria in assessing players but you are a neophyte and had never managed even a primary school football team in your life. Learn to respect people.

  4. You don’t get that many caps for Germany without being a quality player. He started fairly well, then faded a bit, and came back well in his first season. For £10m he was a good buy. Give him another season, if Dortmund want him now, there will probably be other clubs that want him in a year or two, if Arsene decides he doesn’t want him.

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