Ray Parlour – The biggest signing Arsenal need this summer……

The Arsenal legend Ray Parlour, who played for the Gunners for twelve glorious years, has spoken out about the most important player for Arsenal to sign this season; Robin Van Persie!

The Arsenal captain scored (as usual) in last nights 2-1 win over Newcastle which puts the Gunners just one point behind Tottenham in third place, and there is no doubt that they would be nowhere near that position without Captain Vantastic leading the team from the front.

“He’s in a very strong position with one year left on his contract.” Parlour said.

“Arsenal can’t afford to let him go on a free transfer, so they couldn’t keep him for a season. He’d be a massive loss if he left but if he doesn’t sign a new deal this summer, they’ll have to make a decision to sell him.”

“For me, the biggest signing they can make this summer is Robin Van Persie.”

Although Arsenal fans are understandably worried, Van Persie has made it clear that he loves Arsenal and his passion was there for everybody to see in last night’s confrontation with Tim Krul.

I can’t see him leaving at all, can you?

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13 thoughts on “Ray Parlour – The biggest signing Arsenal need this summer……

  1. True that but he will sign provided he sees quality of players we sign that they can make a difference.He loves Arsenal too much bt if we dnt sign gud players am scared we will luz RvP

  2. I agree with what our legend is saying, but we need two or three quality signings to back up our talisman.

  3. I’m not scared of losing him, because i don’t think he’ll do well elsewhere aside from Arsenal.

  4. He’s going nowhere!! Unlike nasiri & co he’s a true gunner and after all this time of holding up not giving up on him due to his injuries,i think he own us,and the only think he can use to pay us is new four years contract…RVP the MVP love you till i RIP…

  5. RVP plays with passion and this shown with his display yesterday night.but,if wenger fail to get quality addition to the squared our good captain might not sign a new contract.I don’t understand why Wenger will be substit ute inferior Ramsey for d superior midfield, attacker,defensive Roscisky the man who moves ups and down disturbing the likes of Tiote,ben-arfa,and others,the one that always pushing to the opponent’s box.I think Wenger is collecting something from this guy or decided to loose.

    1. Arsenal cnt afford 2 lose Rvp!hes the bst striker in the world!the board shud nt jst b interestd with money!fans ar important!

  6. Mistake twice is stupidity.give RVP a lucrative offer twice his current wage and buy 3 super stars and u can be rest assured his loyalty to the Club will be bolstered. Then our Capt may stay. Otherwise sell him to a team outside the EPL.

  7. Arsenal shud sell squillaci,chamackh,arshavin,ad buy podoski,hazard,gotze,m’vila,vantoge, ie quality guys,they ar involvd in so many competitions!we need a cup in Emirates

  8. Ray palour a true arsenal great is right. It would be a higher heartbreaking disaster for the club than last summer. Makes other clubs look down on Arsenal. Hopefully rvp knows this and commits his future to us. Next season would be so great for us. ARSENAL forever.

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