Szczesny ready to repay Arsenal and win a Trophy!!

It may have been a fair few years since Arsenal last won a trophy, so much so in fact that Wojiech Szczesny was only 16 years old and soon to make the move to Arsenal from his previous team Legia Warsaw in Poland, however 8 years down the line and the now 24 year old is proudly confident the Gunners can return to the glory days.

If Arsenal fail to win anything this season it would have been 10 years since we last won the Premier League title, which was our 2003/04 invincible run. And 9 years since we won the FA Cup in 2005, which to this day remains to be the club’s last trophy.

For a few more years we continued to show some dominance in England although we could never conquer Europe, especially after losing the 2006 Champions League final to Barcelona in Paris. In England things were slightly different however slowly after that dreadful night, things started to crumble apart and slowly over time the cracks got larger and larger so much so that we have seen our top players leaving the club on a regular basis and seasons which revolve around nothing except making sure we beat Tottenham and gain fourth place in the league at least.

This needs to change and this summer proved we have managed to hold onto our ‘star’ players for once, as well as show more ambition in the transfer market with the signing of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid, but whether or not we can still prove our worth on the pitch is up for debate and it’s something that has been in question for a fair few years now. Wojciech Szczesny however is confident of regaining glory to the Gunners and wants to be Arsenal’s number one goalkeeper when he does it.

The Polish international said: “Hopefully I can be the Club’s No 1 this season. It is important, I want to win a trophy for this club because that is what is missing in my career and I’m sure it is what the fans have been missing.”

Arsenal have of course have had the chance to win silverware since 2006 and we came very close to it on 2010 after reaching the then Carling Cup final. But it was a massive mistake down to Szczesny himself and arguably Laurent Koscielny which cost us the game and once again ended all hopes of a revival for this club.

But once again I think the tables have turned. I don’t think we are strong enough to win the league but we are definitely capable of reaching higher than fourth place and if I was Wenger I’d make it a certainty to be stronger in the Capital One cup and FA Cup this season as we need to end this trophy drought now!

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