Wenger:” Let’s show that we have made the right decisions”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger offered a statement for the club’s official magazine saying that he is confident The Gunners will once again rise and fight for the title. The Frenchman also spoke about the efforts done this summer by him and his team to transfer as many high quality players as possible and to try and form a strong team.

“It was all change in the summer and some of that was for unwanted reasons,” Wenger told the Official Arsenal Magazine.

“We lost some players that we didn’t want to lose, also we had some players that hadn’t played for a while, so we thought it was important to renew the whole squad, and that’s what we did.“

“It was a challenge, and believe me it demanded massive work – day and night. But overall I’m confident. I believe there was some anxiety around the Club and the team, but I always felt in our situation that a lot would happen in the last 48 hours, because I’ve experienced that before. And that’s what did happen. “

“So let’s show that we have made the right decisions – I’m confident that we have – but only the results will tell.”

“A lot of it was planned beforehand, it just took a lot longer than expected,”

“It was nothing to do with the Champions League, because we would still have wanted to go for the league even if we weren’t in the Champions League.“

“If we were in the Europa League, we would still have wanted a strong squad. We are not the only ones who decide how long it takes to complete a transfer.”

Unfortunately, the very late departures of Fabregas and Nasri made the situation a very tough one for Wenger who had to cover the gaps left by the two top class midfielders. Wenger will surely continue the search for top class midfielders in January, and the shortlist with the possible transfers has some impressive footballers unleashed.

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