Wenger cautious about Wilshere but ‘the signs are good’

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken about Wilshere’s status again, and according to the Frenchman he’s not that long away from being fully fit.

Jack wishes to be back in time to get ready for the Euro 2012 championship, but according to the Frenchman the English International is going to cut it very close.

“Jack Wilshere had a scan today,” said Wenger. “When I walked out to the training session at 11am we still had no information about it. The progress in training is very good but what you do not want is to have any setbacks.

“The setback could be a bad scan. The clinical signs are all very good when you look at his ankle, it is not inflamed and it is normal progress now. But we are a bit over cautious with him now because of the setbacks we had before.”

Wilshere should have been back in February but the midfielder suffered a major setback and had to take the recovery from the top. He’s now very close to coming back to training for Arsenal, and the Gunners need him in top form for the next season and why not, for the final few games of this one.

Do you think Wilshere’s absence was one of the causes for Arsenal’s bad season?

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14 thoughts on “Wenger cautious about Wilshere but ‘the signs are good’

  1. we have missed jack for a long time and i think that is one of our major problem

  2. I rily knw dat had wilshire bin very fit dis season, we’d hv very gud challenge 4 titles.

  3. We missed him badly and I think he’s part or our miserable season!!!!!!!! Gunner 4 lyf

  4. To really be frank, Jack ‘d ve been a perfect combination in our midfield and attacking section. There ‘d ve been more goals to his credit had he been around. 2013 is our turning-point should RVP stays , Podolski and other big signing inclusive. Gooner since time immemorial !!!

  5. Really miss him as he’s got a driven force.quick recovery jack cant wait 2 c u start playing.kudos 2 d manager,van persie n d whole team.pls kip d good work going.gunners til mum calls.

  6. we miss wilshere buh he’s not our major problem so far this season. Ramsey have done alot dis season and the rest. Look at rvp top scorer so far, he’s been dere without wilshere buh with others,all we need is more team work in our next games. Even if wilshere is back, he will just add more to d team buh he’s not our major problem. We can still av d league and i believe dat.

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