What should Arsenal do with Deadwood wages money?

It has been announced by Arsenal that three first team players have/will leave the club come 30th June 2013, as their contracts will expire on that date. As I am sure you are aware the three players are Denilson, Arshavin and Squillaci, who alone will not only free up three important squad places under the Premier League regulations and restrictions but it also frees up an unbelievable amount of wages.

Sebastian Squlliaci was on a reported £50,000 a week, not only a ridiculous amount for a player of his calibre but not to mention he didn’t play a single league game for Arsenal last season, amounting to an unbelievable amount over the course of the year.

Andrey Arshavin who was still under his original four year contract when he signed was earning a wage of £75,000 per week and he too rarely featured last season and finally Denilson who hadn’t played for the club for several seasons was still under contract with Arsenal on a reported £35,000 a week contract. The Brazilian in fact still had 1 year left but both the player himself and the club came to the agreement to terminate his contract early.

These totals add up to around £160,000 of wages per week, although some reports have the figure as high as £190,000, which could pay for a single top quality player or even two good players on £80k. This goes to show how much clearing our deadwood really can benefit the club, even if its terminating a player’s contract like Denilson.

With Maroune Chamakh, Nikalas Bendtner, Ju Young Park as well as others reportedly on their way out and the expiring contracts of goalkeeper Lukas Fabianksi and midfielder Emmanual Frimpong, a lot more income could soon be generated and hopefully reinvested in wages available for incoming players. If all the ‘deadwood’ players are sold or their contracts end, the club could easily gain around £300k or more in wages, which can easily provide the wages of perhaps two world class players alone! What should Arsenal do with all this extra money?

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3 thoughts on “What should Arsenal do with Deadwood wages money?

  1. What about all the other deadwood like Djourou,Diaby,Sagna, etc.. Arsenal must have a long hard look at each player and should any doubt exist,sell them and free up the money for worthwhile targets.

  2. 2 of these 3 players were expected to be cut cut short but now that all the 3 of them have been let go, we have 190,000 of wages free. If we are able to get rid of chamakh, bendetner, chu young, santos, djourou in addition to fabianski and a BIG MAYBE frimpong, that total freed up wages will be somewhere between 400-450 k which can be wages for 3-5 world-class players. I dont believe gervinho will move out since he himself has said he wants to stay for at least one more season. Now that for once we have a good spine that cant be affected in the summer due to important players getting sold, we can for once build on our strong team to make a pl and ucl contending team. If we can get the right players and i say the right players because i want wenger to get 4 players who can be on 80-100k a week and deserve it (people like lewandowski, fellaini, wanyama, higuain, xabi alonso, begovic and so on) we will be one of the strong teams in the world and when the major money comes in next summer (when we really start to reap huge benefits from emirates, puma and tv deals) we can start adopting a philosophy by which we buy 2 huge stars each years in places which are most affected by injuries or loss of form or players wanting to leave.
    UP UP GOONERS!!!!!

    1. Why would we have to buy 2 star payers a year if our young gunners would be stars by then?

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