When will Arsenal start winning again?

When will all these losses stop?

I seriously feel so sad that Arsenal seem not to be moving in the right direction as far as football club growth is concerned.

Football is a good stress reliever to me and to a lot of people who are like me; whenever I am stressed and over-laboured by the daily hustle, I watch football to relax. And if Arsenal are among the teams playing, I put everything aside and focus on watching the match. However these days, football seems to increase stress.

On Sunday evening while we were playing Man City, I was at work and could not watch the match live; although I later saw the highlights on Television. From what I saw in the replay, I regret to say that we are far deep into football crisis. Where did it all go wrong?

There is no game we play without conceding cheap goals and this leads to losses for us. Is this totally the fault of the players or the fault of the board of directors? When will Arsenal start winning games again? If we don’t stop losing games, we may find ourselves ending the season in a position we don’t like. We just have to find a solution to our form and start playing for Arsenal.

Until we learn how to start winning, we may lose our players at the end of the season; the players themselves will want to win a trophy; they will leave us if we can’t meet up with their demands of winning a trophy and playing well while doing so.

Sylvester Kwentua.

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