Ljungberg throws in the towel and wants Arsenal to replace him quickly

Ljungberg was right in throwing the towel

Arsenal’s match against Man City has come and gone! No matter how much we talk about it or what we say about it, it has been played and lost badly. I still pinched myself this morning, thinking I may probably wake up from a nightmare. I was wishing somebody would just wake me up and say: “Sylvester wake up from your dream”. Unfortunately, nobody will, because it was not a dream; we lost woefully.

Just this morning, talksport.com ran a story where they reported Ljungberg asking the club to make a fast decision regarding who they want to hire as Arsenal’s new manager.

“I think, as I’ve said to the club, it’s a great, great honour to do this,” he said.

“Of course, Per [Mertesacker] is the academy manager and he’s doing two jobs in one go. I think it needs clearing up to make a decision so that everybody knows.

“That’s something I’ve said. It’s totally up to the club….I’m very honoured and trying to do things as well as I can, but I think that it would be good to make a decision regardless of what it is.”

The Arsenal players were not spared by the fans that came to watch them as they were jeered off after 45 minutes by the fans. However by the end of the second half, the fans showed full support towards the players, probably because they felt their nothing more to feel sad about.

As Freddie said: “Of course, I’m an Arsenal man and we try everything,”

“But at the same time we need to be a little bit realistic. There is a gulf in quality between City, Liverpool and the rest. They showed that.

“But for me, I was actually happy and proud of the fans. In the end, they responded positively to the young players that came on.

“Of course they can see there’s a difference. But I was proud of the fans when they sang in the end and showed that they appreciated the young boys trying.”

If you don’t call what Ljungberg said as throwing in the towel, then I wonder what you would call it. The man has spoken the truth. He is not deceiving himself by thinking he could do this job; he has asked the club management to relieve him of this job. I strongly think the board should do what Freddie said. Freddie has already concluded in his heart that he can’t do it. If i were a member of the board, I would suggest we listened to him.

Sylvester Kwentua

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