Why are Arsenal finding it so hard to appoint a new coach?

Hello gooners! How are you doing? Are you feeling good? What a joyous moment we find ourselves in at this moment at Arsenal.

I keep on scrolling sport news sites hoping to read if Arsenal has signed a new coach. But as days turn to nights, I keep getting disappointed. Why have we not got a new manager yet? Are we being avoided by high class managers or we are not just doing things the right way? I probably feel managers are not willing to manage Arsenal, or they have given the board some conditions and they are finding it hard to come to an agreement.

Weeks after sacking Emery, we are still without a manager; Ljungberg is not our manager, he is just an interim manager. A club as big as Arsenal should be able to attract a world class manager in a matter of days. We have the money and we have the players to make our club attractive. We also have very experienced people running our club. So what is really the problem? Is it a spiritual problem or what?

Every day we hear Arsenal is either talking to this manager or the other, but such talks have not yet brought home something positive. Now, the coach of Napoli, Carlo Ancelotti, has been sacked and like expected; the news is all saying Arsenal is interested in hiring him. Are we now with no sensible direction that we just flow with events, instead of creating events? Who is doing the talking and how long will the talking last?

Patrick Vieira, Mikel Arteta, Allegri; are all good managers and would do a good job if given the chance to coach Arsenal in my own opinion. Why have they not being signed up yet? What is delaying their imminent announcement?

Freddie has not done that badly as interim coach with finally getting a win, but even he knows that a club like Arsenal needs a world class coach who will in turn make Arsenal a world class football club once again. Let us please do the right thing on time and move on to the next stage of the season; which is trying to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

Sylvester Kwentua.

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