Would Arsenal fans accept the return of Alexis Sanchez?


Would Arsenal accept Sanchez back?

Alexis Sanchez, signed as an Arsenal player in July 2014, is one player who gave his all to Arsenal until probably his last few months. He spent four years at Arsenal, playing more than a hundred games; scoring more than 60 goals.

We all can agree that Sanchez was a multipurpose player for Arsenal. While at Arsenal, he played at both wings and centrally; and he did this with so much professionalism. Until he started trying to force himself out of Arsenal, he never gave Arsenal a below par performance. Do we all remember the FA cup final that he shone so well and helped us win? Do we remember how he always had this way of making the team play well, whenever he was on the pitch? Well, Sanchez gave his all for Arsenal and we can’t deny him that.

Ever since Sanchez left Arsenal, have we had a winger who can light up the wings whenever he plays? How many wingers do we even have at Arsenal currently? The ones we have can be described as just average players and not exceptional wingers. The wingers we have at the club at this moment don’t seem to know how to make impact from the wings, like how wingers are supposed to. Apart from maybe Iwobi who tried making things happen in his way; with his skills, who else can we say made our wing play interesting?

Now, I am not a football agent, neither am I trying to market Sanchez to Arsenal but I strongly feel Alexis Sanchez still has good football in him, and all he needs is a club that will allow him to thrive in his own way, with his skill and finesse.

You may argue that Sanchez didn’t make an impact at Manchester United, but I would love to counter the argument by asking you how many attacking minded players have flourished under Mourinho? If Sanchez had gone to Manchester City, don’t you all think he would have fared better? Don’t you think he would have probably improved his game at the Citizens? Sanchez is an enormously talented player and a Guardiola would have helped him improve, so I think.

Sanchez is currently on loan at Inter-Milan and at the end of the season, he may probably come back to Manchester United but would he love to remain at United? I doubt he would. Arsenal should try bringing him back to the Emirates for at least two seasons, in my humble opinion.

Sylvester Kwentua

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