Why haven’t Arsenal Announced Arteta Yet!

Can we just announce Arteta as coach already and stop the suspense please?

Am I the only who is getting fed up with the way things are going at Arsenal or are we many? I am so fed up with how we run things at Arsenal. Somebody please get us a coach already.

The Arteta story has circulated on the internet a lot, that many people feel that signing a coach, should have been a forgotten issue for Arsenal; unfortunately, it is not. Mikel Arteta has been all over the news, why has he not signed yet?

Mikel Arteta is somebody I always respected as a footballer but as a coach, I have not really seen anything from him, to make me appreciate his coaching career. He has been Guardiola’s assistant for years now and the believe is that he would have learnt a lot from the Man City boss right? Well, yes I agree but what I won’t subscribe to is Arsenal making him their coach, knowing so well he has no experience of managing a first team. We will be taking a lot of risk handing over the reins of Arsenal to Arteta.

We have read and listened to different arguments from different football analysts; some are in support of Arteta, others are against his appointment. Our legendary coach, Arsene Wenger seems to be in support of his appointment, if what I read on the internet is anything to go by. With the support of an Arsenal hero, then why has he not been appointed already? This simple thing for Arsenal to do at this moment, is to appoint offer Arteta a contract.

However, my choice of a coach for Arsenal is not really of importance at this moment. What is important to me at this period is for Arsenal to have a manager who will oversee the affairs of the first team. If the club deems it right to hire Mikel Arteta, then I have no other choice than to support him. If the club feels he is the one to change our results, then I give him my full support. All I want is for the club to just announce a coach already and stop keeping the fans in suspense.

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