65 Today? Time for Wenger to retire from Arsenal!

Happy birthday Arsene – NOT! Surely when you get to 65 years of age you don’t need all this stress and strain, you could be heading for a heart attack if you carry on like this. Arsenal were incredibly lucky to win tonight against a useless Anderlecht side that has only won once in their last 20 Champions League games.

Never mind Arsene. What about us poor Arsenal fans who have been left with our hearts in our mouths at the end of nearly every single game, starting with the last minute equaliser at the Emirates against Crystal Palace on the opening day of the season.

That was two months ago and we haven’t won a home game in the League since then, but the last two against Tottenham and Hull have yet again given Arsenal fans cause to worry about their blood pressure as we have struggled to earn a draw, despite the usual Wenger excuses of being unlucky and having total domination in possession.

I think the players worry too much about these possession and passing stats because in Belgium tonight nearly every single player spent the first 85 minutes passing to their team-mate under the least pressure rather than take a chance of putting through a killer ball. The one exception to this was Jack Wilshere, who instead simply passed the ball to Anderlecht players!

Wenger’s Golden Boy was awful this evening, but was kept on the field until the 80th minute before being put out of his misery. If every Arsenal fan in the world can see that Campbell and Podolski MUST perform better than the team Wenger picks, why can’t the “great man” see it himself.

Come on Arsenal, it’s time to bring out the diamond-studded gold watch and retire Wenger off. What better day than his 65th birthday!

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6 thoughts on “65 Today? Time for Wenger to retire from Arsenal!

  1. Wenger should go now,to achieve this let fans stop coming to stadium to watch arsenal games for weeks until Arsene Wenger quit by himself. He is not ready to listen to anybody,our fans are too soft on him.

  2. I think the board sense of evaluation is in doubt, while Wenger sense of judgement is becoming questionable. One philosophy(money) brought dynamism to chelsea, while one constraint(untouchable) is reason why ‘NO NEW THING WILL HAPPEN UNDER WENGER’S ERA.

  3. Can new things comes out of a man who plays a playmaker as holdingmidfielder. who sees Diaby’s impact better than gervinho’s(he scored our last goal against chelsea). Do we remember the new academy’s coach statement, that is surprise on AFC structure, where nothing is done except Wenger approve it.

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