Arsenal boss calmly brushes off Mourinho’s baiting

Well done Arsene Wenger, for keeping calm and holding back from getting in to another war of words with Jose Mourinho. The Chelsea boss clearly sees Arsenal as one of his main rivals for the Premier League crown. He has even said as much himself.

The not very special one was worried about the threat from the Gunners last season as well, as the last minute veto of our loan deal for Demba Ba showed, and he must be even more wary now that Arsenal have signed two top quality players in Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy, with more soon to be on their way.

So I was not surprised to see Mourinho take the first opportunity to have a go at Wenger and Arsenal, claiming that Cesc Fabregas never wanted to return to his former club because he preferred Chelsea. He also stuck his oar in to the Jack Wilshere debate after the England international was pictured smoking again during his summer break, even offering some helpful advice on how Wenger should deal with it.

Obviously, the media love all this and want the two managers to get into a war of words, but as showed in his interview on, Wenger sidestepped the issue nicely and pretty much ignored what the Chelsea boss said. Which is the right way to go, because Arsenal just need to focus on our own football and make sure we win the battle against Mourinho where it matters, on the pitch and in the league table.

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal boss calmly brushes off Mourinho’s baiting

  1. Mourinho in 4 words:

    C onfused
    U nimaginative
    N arcissistic
    T roublemaker

    Make of it what you will.

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