Arsenal Close To Land M’Vila?


Arsenal might be close to landing French midfielder Yann M’Vila, as Rennes’ general manager Pierre Dreossi has declared that Arsene Wenger needs to find a timely replacement for the loss of Cameroon midfielder Alex Song.

According to the Rennes official, the Ligue 1 club is currently negotiating with three clubs, and Arsenal might be the destination for M’Vila this summer, after almost two whole seasons of rumours linking the London club with a move for the French defensive midfielder.

‘For the moment we have three offers.

‘There is even a chance Yann could stay at Rennes this year but now Alex Song has left Arsenal we must say they will reinforce that post.’

Arsenal’s game seems to be suffering in midfield, where the Gunners don’t seem to be themselves without Wilshere, Rosicky and Song. Diaby’s recovery was fortunate for Wenger, but neither him nor Aaron Ramsey seem to be ready to play at the top level, and while Diaby played a good defensive game against Stoke, his offensive contribution was null compared to those Song used to have last season.

Arsene Wenger also claimed that the build-up play is the reason for Arsenal’s goalless streak, so we might expect an attacking midfielder to join the Gunners, despite the fact that Wilshere will be back soon.

24 thoughts on “Arsenal Close To Land M’Vila?

    1. Mr wenger stop fulling us pls try to sign the players as soon as possible time is running away from us otherwise the same old story…….

  1. The arsenal Squard really need to fill in the gap created by the depature of Alex Song and i really Do think M’ vila will be a perfect replacement.. We really need to act fast. Gunners for Ever.

  2. I think that Dreossi is just trying to push Spuds to make bigger offer than they did so far.

  3. we need a player of this calebre. Wenger we count on u n the Arsenal team Board. Land him plz!.

  4. this news is for about a week ago .. when sahin transfer was still on .. wenger told in his post-match conference that there will be no DM . so no hope for m’vila or biglia

  5. Honestly, I am fed up with the unnecessary delays at signing players. Some clubs already got 9 points, we are still at the negotiating table thinking which player to sign. We had better act fast ar else there comes another trophyless season

  6. Hello fellow gooners. I am afraid according to BBC, Spurs is the likely club to sign M’Vila, although there is another club interested in him BUT NOT ARSENAL. So don’t be disappointed when this materializes!!!

  7. arsenals needs to buy MVilla so that we dont face problems in the next games. the problem with wenger acts after a problem has occured.

  8. Why am I having to tell people the transfer window closes on the 2nd September, not the end of August. This is to allow deals that start before the end of August to be concluded. Yes a full 48 hours extra after the window closes, so just be ready when there’s no signings by midnight the 31st Aug.

    There will be by midnight the 2nd September.

    Including the rest of today that’s 7 days left, so stop panicking.

  9. I am hearing this news all week but there is no sign of progression. So annoying. Just sign m’vila, van der wiel, huntelaar, mbwiel then we r sorted. But we will be lucky if he just signs m’vila.

  10. I do not understand what wenger is planning’I rather he sign clempsy or dembele instead of hoping on player that might not come!

  11. dempsey, tiote, m’vila,capoue, cabaye navas etc are all available to arsenal. it left to prof. wenger with 30 years experience to pick the best of these guys. but from my own point of view, i would prefer capoue and dempsey. though capoue has not been link for weeks now but he’s a perfect replacement for song and wenger got the scope. dempsey a complete attacking midfielder with both epl and international experience.

  12. Stop the fukin bitchin – get behind the team! Let Wenger manage – wld be good if we got Mbiwa – cover for the whole backline!

    Give Vermaelen a try as dm has done it 4 Ajax & Belgium – Kosceilney wil b bak! 4get Cabaye – Ben Arfa is Arsenal material along with Affelley or Alicantra! Willian is the man 4 goals – steal him from under the scum’s noses Wenger! In Wenger we trust – give Giroud & the new boys a chance


  13. Its unfortunate Arsene always identify talents while others buy them. Like Mata, Hazard, Nuri, C.Boy to mention but afew. Who knows what will happen btw spurs n Rennes over Yann. Lets just be hopeful. Jeffgun

  14. Mr wenger,now 4 the 2nd game,no goals! all arsenal fans are looking at you,plz buy m’vill,mbiwa and Lloriente…bring hapyness to all supoters.

  15. we are pointing good players for the other clubs this is familiar story but still wenger didn’t want to sign any player. really i am beganing to suporet the club like arsenal . wenger please , please please please……. do go let you not burn as i know you have the capacity.

  16. Mr. Wenger,
    why do you always identify and other people buys?
    please we need to hear M. vila has sign for us as soon as possible what so ever the case may be please do some thing!!!
    We gunners need to see M. Vila in our new uniform not later that this weekend.

  17. Im asking dis question again,why is Arsene Wenger slow at signing players?why cant he just drop the 15m we gained from the sale of Alex Song to buy M’vila?God help us dis season if we won’t go trophyless.

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