Arsenal Could Still Lose Sahin According To Mourinho


Real Madrid’s manager Jose Mourinho has made a statement which is sure to confuse every Arsenal fan out there. After rumours have been lately pointing towards a sure transfer from Spain to Arsenal for Madrid’s defensive midfielder Nuri Sahin, the situation doesn’t seem so clean cut now as Real Madrid are still negotiating with other clubs.

Real Madrid’s manager has admitted that Arsenal are one of the potential destinations for Sahin, but declared that for him it makes no difference if the Turk joins Liverpool or Tottenham, although he admits that the Premiership experience will be a very benefic one for the young midfielder.

“It can teach him particular characteristics of play that he doesn’t have at the moment,” said the Portuguese tactician.

“I couldn’t care less if he goes to Arsenal, or Liverpool or Tottenham. I have no preference.”

If the rumours are correct, the asking transfer fee of £14 million is what forced the move to stop before being completed. Real Madrid want the Gunners to pay that fee next season if they decide that Sahin was good enough to keep after a season-long loan period. What do you think should Arsene Wenger do?

21 thoughts on “Arsenal Could Still Lose Sahin According To Mourinho

  1. Get M’Villa and forget Sahin..there are other players out tyhere u know who are even better at what he does…just spend some money…i really thought we had him already..Mourinho can b a real egocentric ass…i have a bad feeling about this

  2. Mourinho is a arrogant prick, and if Sahin really is really thinking properly he’ll know that his best option would be playing for a manager like wenger with world class players like cazorla

  3. I’ve been expecting this to happen so i’m not at all surprised as I stated in a blog last week that i’m expecting now’t from Jose. Oh yes he’s very good at taking ie (Ashley Cole behind AW’s back) but he’s not very good at giving even though he owes us big time

    Yes Mourinho is not such a special one but there’s still time for him to redeem himself but don’t hold your breath fellow Gooners.

  4. Hmm not a tough choice manager of the decade and champions league versus 2 relatively unproven managers who aren’t in the champions league use your brain nuri and come to Arsenal

  5. Shame on Mourinho if he chooses to play politics with a young man’s career…. Arsenal would be the ideal place for young Sahin. If he slips away from the scene then we must not worry too Much… Wenger has a habit of developing the youth at the club and arise Sir Frimpong….Haha!!!! Chamakh could always have a smoke and try midfield….Haha!!!!

  6. Its pretty simple, 14 Million aint too much to pay for a player of Sahin’s quality. He shld accept it before the blindfold comes of their eyes.

  7. There is no reason why Arsenal should not agree to this deal.

    Think about it. Let’s say Arsenal decides they want to keep Sahin next year, but they think he is worth only 10 million. They would simply say to Real, “here’s 10 million for Sahin. Take it or leave it.”

    If Real doesn’t like it, they can shop Sahin around and see if they can get more. If someone offers them more than 14 million, Arsenal can decide whether they want to trigger the buy out… or not.

    So basically, a deal like this puts Arsenal in the driver’s seat. It sets a cap on how much Real can get paid for Sahin. Even if he has a break out year and suddenly he’s valued at 24 million, Arsenal would only have to pay 14. If he is mediocre, Arsenal can offer any amount they think makes sense regardless of any deal they strike today.

    So bottom line, this would be a very bad bit of business for Real. I doubt very much whether any of it is true.

  8. Both would be great signings ofcourse, but lets be realistic here, both are not even close to Song defensively, they attack more than they defend, like Andre Santos forinstance.. What we need is a devensive midifielder that atleast come close to Song’s physical strength, and i think the best option in this case would be Cheik Tiote, so i say screw them both and get Tiote, though i think Sahin would be a massive signing, but we are trying to replace Song here.. But then at the end of the day, the bottom line is that Sahin will sign for Arsenal, that im verry sure of..

  9. sign him fast before some1 else comes in 4 him i.e man $ity,chelsea,united.14 milion is gr8 value 4 a world class player if he performs

  10. AW has been after this guy Sahin for ages and he will get him as he is sensational. This guy will be even better than Cesc and with Cazorla these guys will be the new xazi and iniesta.
    I agree we need a DM and should go for M,Villa and a defender, someone like Hummels who Liam Brady rates very highly

  11. helo my fellow gunners let someone should pls tell wenger dat we av just 9 days to go in a transfer window to shut down there’s a lot of talented player outside there we need song replacement like m,villa or tiote

  12. 2 stories listed next to each other, one says – sahin deal nearly done, next says – we could still lose him, think I’ll wait til it’s mentioned on before I get excited about it

  13. What the Portuguese tactician has said is that it really does not matter to him where Sahin ends up. There is no indication at all that Arsenal will lose the player. Mourinho is just being arrogant in that he has no regard for any of the teams but knows that any one could be a good place for Sahin to learn “particular characteristics of play that he doesn’t have at the moment,” That’s all.

  14. U people are stil waiting n fantasizing.,if u’ve bin folowin arsenal n wenger 4d past 5yrz nw u wuld av knwn wen wenger is serious 2do biznss n wen he is sayn his logical decietiv words.. He may nt buy anyone again..go bk n read wat he said afta song wz sold.. D epic of diz wil b on sunday,if arsenal win stoke,4get any addition 2d squad.,he wil tel u we av a gud n beta squad..dats why he said dat day dat he wil buy bt fans shuld relax n gv him tim,he is xperimenting his downfall again…bt if we lose or draw against stoke..he wil gv a clumsy excuses n den wil buy mayb one… So as a fan i dnt knw wat u’ll b prayin 4 on n get no squad addition,or lose n av more…4 doz of u dat ar askn 4 5more players in,i dnt knw wat ur prayers wil keepn my fingers crossd,wenger is a brilliant manager bt a shruwed cunning man wen it coms 2 getin a gud player 2mk us stronga.. Dnt knw wat 2 pray 4,jst CONFUSED.

  15. This is one issue I agree totally with Wenger. The conditions are unrealistic. His wage is very unreasonable. We could get two decent players by just adding little more money. Some times, players don’t look at their future. Arsenal is the dream place for any up and coming player because you will be turned into a star very quickly. We should forget about him and move on. The player is the loser not Arsenal.

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