Arsenal fans accuse Wenger of THROWING Champions League


If Arsene Wenger was fully committed to Arsenal doing as well as possible and going as far as possible in the Champions League, you would think that the Frenchman would pick his strongest possible team for every game in the group stage. And that definitely means Cech, not Ospina.

But just because the boss has chosen to rotate his squad for the first two games, does that really mean that he is not at all interested in the competition, other than the annual money it brings in? Well some Arsenal fans seem to think so, as a Metro report shows some of the things posted by Gooners on social media.

One wrote, “So has Wenger given up on even trying to win the Champions League, and just wants to have a go at Europa League?”

And another said, “This the champions league Wenger! He’s never won it ‘EVEN ONCE’….should treat this competition like his life depends on it!!”

And another asked, “Why do we even bother with the Champions League if we have Arsene Wenger as a manager?”

Yet another disgruntled Arsenal fan wrote, “It looks like Wenger isn’t taking this CL seriously. Doesn’t he want to win it?”

You have to think they have a point, although I believe that there is some arrogance at work here as well as a lack of respect for the UCL. I think Wenger assumed that Arsenal would have no problem qualifying but would not be able to top the group without a minor miracle and that is why he rested players against Zagreb and Olympiacos, but he has to then shoulder all the blame for the disaster that has unfolded.

Should Arsenal fans now ask for reduced priced European games if we are not going to give it 100 percent on the pitch?

2 thoughts on “Arsenal fans accuse Wenger of THROWING Champions League

  1. Wenger has never taken anything serious. The evidence is there on the transfer market. A serious manager strengthens his squad in preparation for the domestic league as well as the European league by going into the transfer market. The fact that Wenger shuns the transfer market sums it all.

  2. The issue has nothing to do with Ospina, he slipped up its a mistake but i watched the defence, there is no defence with Per strolling and ball watching a grt liability, i looked upront , no strikers, Arsenal is a one man team Sanchez, this bloke is going to leave like other disgruntled top quality due to the arrogance of Wenger. There was no players rested trust me , those players failed against two weeks ago. Arsenal just needs strengthening back middle and front marksman, Wenger is trying to be clever n stubborn. He fail to strenthen as if the money is his, is he a Shareholder??? He is more concerned with saving money than running a succesful club period, Can he win the Premier Leaugue? NO he defies everyone and is causing attrocious pains to all fans worldwide, he is doing more damage, he has overstayed, Arsenal needs CHANGE and NOW i lost confidence in him i cant trust him anymore

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