Ask most Arsenal fans what they would like to see Arsene Wenger do in the January transfer window and they will hand you a long list of transfer targets. And even without the differing opinions of which players should be signed by the manager, the positions that need strengthening will probably match up.

The Gunners could do with another quality striker or at least a wide forward to operate on the left. We could perhaps do with another creative player in midfield and maybe a full back. But there is no doubt that Arsenal need a top class centre back and a powerful, energetic and talented defensive midfielder or even an all-round central midfielder.

But the report in The Mirror that reveals the club are set to hand Wenger a transfer kitty of just £20 million to spend in January. Come on Arsenal you can do better than that. That is not even enough to get one quality player, so it looks like we will either have to do without one of the two players we are crying out for, or we will have to do with a second rate option.

It is hardly fair on the Frenchman after he somehow got the club through the last decade or so on a shoestring. The least they could do now is back him when he needs it, especially as there is a mountain of cash gathering dust, and interest of course, in the bank.

1 thought on “Arsenal give Wenger NO CHANCE with just £20m transfer kitty

  1. My guess is that the Mirror report is rubbish. In 17 seasons, two of Wenger’s worst three seasons have come in the last three years.

    The team makes the same mistakes they did 5 years ago. With respect to Anderlecht and Swansea City, I’ve seen that movie several times before so the end didn’t surprise me or scare me. It’s becoming quite boring, honestly.

    Thans Wenger! Wenger Out!

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