It seems that Arsenal has finally find itself the new star people were waiting for ever since Wilshere came into the picture. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain proved to be an amazing player time and time again and even though he wasn’t able to play as of late, he put in an incredible performance against United.

The game only seems to have starttled the lad’s thirst for the game and now he’s roaring for more saying that he can’t wait for the next match to come.

“It’s nice when you know the crowd are on your side,” said Oxlade-Chamberlain

“I can only repay them by working my hardest when I do get on and trying to impress them.

“But, ultimately, it’s putting a shift in for the lads for the club and for the manager. So I’ll continue to do that when I’m playing.”

“You can have one good game but the next one could be a bad one,” he said.

“It was a nice performance from me and I thought there were positives for the team.

“I’ve got to make sure I keep my place now.”

“I was happy to first get a start,” Oxlade-Chamberlain said.

“Obviously, against opposition like Man United, it doesn’t come any better than that.”

He added: “That is a positive for me to take away, having the boss’s trust.

“I’ve got to just make sure that I repay that with my performances and just working hard in training and when I’m on the pitch.”

Chamberlain did an amazing game and after Gervinho will be back from the African nations Cup Walcott should really fear that he’ll be left out of the squad if he won’t manage to bounce back into form and will continue the horrible appearances he put in lately.

5 thoughts on “Arsenal Got Themselves A New Star

  1. AOC did a fantastic job yesterday what a shame some of the other players were half asleep. The players are not preforming as a team. RVP,Theo,+ Ramsey missed clear cut chances. All of them should keep their mouths shut ( not talking to the press) working hard on the pitch for each other( as a team). Arshavin should not have been booed @ the Emirates+ Wenger always plays him out of position, maybe that is why he does not play his best.When you think he scored (4 goals) @ Liverpool? I hope someone can get through to AW, because @ the moment all (Arsenal fans are hurting)

    1. Wenger must realise this fact, maybe AOC is d messi of our’s it’s clearly there for all to see.

  2. Ox he is the best next man of the gunners,ilove ox ,what A blayer like chamberlian,hes is the best best best best best best best

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