Arsenal have the players now they just need the Belief!

Success focuses around many aspects of the footballing game. Some people say that it focuses around a game plan, the managerial tactics and the way the club is managed. Although all those factors are important to the success of the team, once you forget the figures, the statuses and the big names, you need to remember at the end of the day that there are 11 men out on the field that have the potential to go out and win a trophy. As long as you have the individual talent and the belief you can win then anything is possible. This is exactly what Arsenal need!

Look at Wigan’s recent win over Manchester City in the FA Cup final. On paper they didn’t stand a chance, the facts and the figures all went against them, not to mention the strong difference between the quality in the two teams. But it showed that you don’t always need the best team in the world, filled with quality and talented players in order to win a trophy. Swansea did it as well this season, they are a very good side and admittedly they faced lower league opposition in the final, but Bradford didn’t get to the final out of luck! They fought off several top class teams from the highest divisions, ourselves included.

So this shows that a squad with belief is really one of the keys to success. You can forget about the big money transfers and all the statistics at the end of the day you may not get that big money player, or your team may be missing a key player in the team, but there are still 11 players on the pitch that can make the difference if they believe, are confident in themselves and know what they need to do. A manager can give instructions telling the players what to do, but in reality its not the manager that’s playing the game, it’s the players and so even if the team isn’t the greatest in talent you can still do wonders. Bradford, Swansea and Wigan have already shown this in Domestic Cup competitions this season and in some ways Arsenal showed the right level of spirit and determination in the last part of the season to gain Champion’s League qualification.

But maybe if we start to believe in ourselves just a little bit more then, hopefully with a few additions over the summer we can take next year in the fast lane.

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal have the players now they just need the Belief!

  1. It’s not just about empty belief. If Wigan believes that it can win the premier league, it’s not gonna happen. They can do miracles in some matches. But over the course of 38 games, the difference in class and resources will show.

    So along with belief, the team needs good pool of talented players, sufficient resources and one important thing – TACTICs.

    If you read Jupp henyckes’s recent interview? He said that earlier in his career he believed that if they play a stronger team then they have to lose. But watching Arrigo Sachis training methods that tactics can help you hold off a stronger team and even win!

    When was the last time you saw Wenger deploy a master stroke to overcome te teams weakness. He sends one dimensional teams and refuses to adapt our playing style to match the situation. By all accounts he doesn’t even likes to talk about the opposition to his players. Just asks them to play their own game. This may work if you have a super talented team like Barcelona with Messi in your ranks. But will it work for a whole season when a Chamakh or Giroud is leading the line?

    I’m afraid it’s gonna take much more then just belief to win a meaningful title like the EPL or CL

    1. Very well said. I could not agree more. This is an important reason for winning nothing for 8 years. And one that the ” We Trust ” fans cannot blame on the Board. Imagine one of the other top managers sending his team out there to play the same every week (!) Why have we had top players leave ? Not only for money but … because they gave up on Wenger’s grand plan time warp.

  2. This type of write up should not be encouraged where a person like Wenger is in charge. Self belief is a neccessary but insufficient ingredient for a team to succeed. If Wenger could perform wonders with the average players like Gervinho in his disposal, what do you think would happen if people like jovetic are in the team? Encourage Wenger to buy two or three qaulity players for a change.

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