The title says it all, ‘We are interested in big signings.’ The words of Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, which gives hope to Arsenal fans wherever you may be, or does it? I am interested in a private jet made of solid gold, but it doesn’t mean I am about to get one.

The thing is, we should all be excited by the fact that we are looking to sign top quality players but after years of being lied to and told this exact same thing, summer after summer, we just don’t expect us to see anyone of exceptional talent come in. Every single transfer window, Wenger announces the same thing but in different ways.

Wenger said, ‘This year is very important; we have better financial resources than the years before – resources we have created ourselves. We are interested in big signings.’

That’s actually the most recent quote from this year’s Pre-Season Asia tour and not a quote from previous years however it’s similarity may lead you to believe it is. Every summer we have ‘better financial resources’ but the fact is we never spend them and the reasons why we have created those resources ourselves is because we continue to sell our best players and then don’t reinvest the money. It’s been happening for far too long and now quite simply after the let down ‘this promising summer’ has been so far, we don’t expect anything different do we?

The final thing I have to say on these quotes, is the analysis of the ‘We are interested in big signings’. This is the deal breaker that should make you think big names are coming in, but ultimately broken down Wenger is practically saying we are interested but we’re unlikely to get them. I’m sure every club in the world is ‘interested’ in signing some of Europe’s best but it doesn’t mean they will get them and unfortunately it’s become a far too familiar tale for Arsenal.

This post is highly negative, I know, but it’s come to the stage where the club’s transfer policies needs to be scrutinised before we see the club fall down the ranks in English football and join Liverpool in the doldrums of the Europa League.

1 thought on “Arsenal `interested in big signings` does not mean they will get them!!

  1. This piece of writing has said exactly what is on my mind. I and the writer and maybe a few other right thinkers know for sure that Wenger’s statements are decietful. Anyone who expects positives from him will surely be disappointed.

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