Alan Smith joined Arsenal from Leicester in 1987 and scored over 100 goals for us before hanging up his boots. The player nicknamed Smudger may not have been the biggest star in the world, but he knew where the back of the net was and scored some vital goals for the club, including the only goal as the Gunners won the European Cup Winners’ Cup final.

And he wants Arsenal to do well, which is why he has told Arsene Wenger in a Daily Star report in no uncertain terms that Arsenal can forget about winning the Premier League title unless the Frenchman brings a top quality centre forward to the Emirates today.

Smith watched the Gunners struggle against Leicester yesterday and that game was enough to convince him that Yaya Sanogo is not the answer after we lost Olivier Giroud to injury. He sounds as frustrated and baffled as I feel about our failure, so far, to use some of the huge transfer kitty we keep being told about.

Smith said, “Between now and January, when Giroud is reported to be fit again, he’s got to depend on Yaya Sanogo and maybe Alexis Sanchez every now and then, plus Lukas Podolski.

“I don’t think that will be enough to sustain a title challenge. And that’s what everyone at Arsenal wants and all the supporters.

“Arsenal, for a long time now, have been saying ‘we’ve got the money, we can pay the transfer fees, we can pay the salaries and compete with anybody on salaries’, so there’s no excuse from a financial point of view.

“It’s down to how badly you want him, how much you think he would be an advantage to your side.

“It’s so frustrating to Arsenal fans because you look at the number of quality players they’ve got out there and if they could just go that extra mile and get that striker.

“But then it always seems like ‘if they could get one or two more…’ They always seem that little bit short.

“You are playing with one arm behind your back without a proper top quality striker.”

But we know what Wenger thinks of other people and their `opinions` about Arsenal, so will he stick to his guns and refuse to sign the striker that Smith, and almost every other person in football, thinks we need to stand a chance?

4 thoughts on “Arsenal legend tells Wenger straight! Sign a striker or else!!

  1. come on guys lets blog it everywhere……lets fill his twitter pages with “We want REUS” ….i think hes the only striker who price is reasonable if bucca is for 30 i think 35 or something is good enuf for reus ….what say

    So we want reus ….we want reus

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