In what originally seemed to be one of the jokes of the usual ‘silly transfer season’, it turns out that Arsenal have genuine interest in Liverpool’s main striker and in fact biggest talent Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan reportedly wants out of Anfield after several struggling years in Merseyside, where the club has failed to regain entry to Europe’s greatest club competition the Champions League.

At first the rumours emerged as just another one of those pieces of speculation to fill the gossip columns in the ‘Red Top’ newspapers, however the rumours quickly spread and it was then picked up by media from across Europe and eventually the BBC and Sky Sports News reported the news that a £30 million offer had been made for Suarez.

Now with the news emerging that the opening bid was rejected from Liverpool, speculation today would suggest Arsenal will return with a £35 million offer. This is absolutely ludicrous! If true, I don’t understand how Arsene Wenger and the club is willing to spend so much on a controversial player, having spent the last two years in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, but he isn’t seemingly willing to up his £23 million offer for Real Madrid and Argentina international striker Gonzalo Higuain.

Also it’s important to point out that Suarez also came out in the last few days to state his opinion on Arsenal’s reported interest and surprising to me, he was actually flattered and seemingly willing to join the Gunners if an offer was accepted. However this changes nothing and as mentioned Suarez has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, having firstly being caught up in racial controversy, involving Suarez himself and Manchester United player Patrice Evra. Whilst this previous season, he was involved in an incident in which he bit Chelsea defender Ivanovic. Not matter his quality; I’m afraid you just cannot spend so much money on a player that holds such a risk on hindering your clubs reputation.

11 thoughts on “Arsenal must be mad to consider buying Suarez!

  1. Suarez is a better striker than Higuain in my opinion.. AW is a known tamer of the shrews.. also the transfer of Higuain is in question as real are trying to retain him.. If Suarez comes it is indeed a good news for the club..

  2. But at 35 million? This doesn’t square with anything we do. We won’t add a couple mil more on the Higuain deal, which would still give us money to spend elsewhere. I don’t care if we got the best 3 strikers in the world, we lack all over the park, so this makes no sense. I am beginning to believe AW has no real plans to bring in anyone of repute. Liverpool won’t let Suarez go for less than 50 mil. So what is the point? I think we are selling season tickets.

  3. Wenger that i know will not pay 35 million for any player, suarez for that matter. we are not fools, it’s all false

  4. Have gooners lost their minds? This guy is a racist! He is currently waiting to serve a ten match ban for biting someone!!

    It’s the not the mean media on his case he is a genuine moron!

    And look at the respect he has shown that scummy club up north … Firstly, they deserve no sympathy, any club who print we support Suarez shirts after he has been fined for racist behaviour aswell as admitting it as if it is nothing!! But Suarez returns the favour by effectively bad mouthing them!

    I mean, forget that this is definitely not happening, he is going to Madrid or swallowing his pride and staying at Liverpool… He would cost 40-50 million, its like Rooney, it’s not happening.

    But good…. Do not want him within 100 miles of arsenal

  5. Yes! I wrote a similar response to an article a couple of hours ago arguing the complete opposite of this article… essentially it was saying we have to get him and the posters were all in agreement.

    I do not want him any where near this club!

  6. Suarez is a very good goalscorer. More than that he is the kinda player that will do “anything” in the books to “WIN”! Something our current players lack.

  7. He’s great striker with no sportmanship at all. He’ll be bring negative influences to our men (he bited his former Ajax teammate and punch some of them), more than he score goal.
    Not to mention his over pricetag. Completely irrational option.I think Arsene are making a fake offer to Liverpool and make Madrid spent more money to land the “sabertooth hungry flesh men”. A little payback to Gonzo’s saga. If Suarez go to Madrid then they will have Benzema, Morata, Gonzo, and Suarez, all fight for one spot. Arsene should intensely persuaded Gonzo to insist his move. Finger cross guys.

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