Arsenal need to keep the momentum going into the new season

It has been a great past few months for Arsenal fans all around the world. We capped off a decent season with an FA cup victory, beating Hull City 3-2 in extra time. How sweet was that victory? It effectively ended a 9 year long trophy drought. For a club of Arsenal’s stature, that felt like total eternity.

Then, it was time for the world cup in the hot climate of Brazil. In this tournament, the Arsenal players did extremely well, with Alexis, Campbell and Giroud all having deep runs in the tournaments with their nations. More importantly, three Arsenal players- Ozil, Mertesacker and Podolski went on to lift the world cup at the end of the tournament for Germany.

What is essential to Arsenal having a successful 2014-2015 season would be how we can ride on this momentum. What Arsenal have to start with would be to perform up to their best for pre-season, preferably winning the Emirates cup. By doing so, confidence can be gained as this competition usually involves decent opposition. The best part about winning the FA cup last season would be that it directly provides another opportunity to win a trophy in the form of the Community Shield. Beating Man City and lifting yet another trophy would give Arsenal the boost of confidence to successfully transit to the next grueling season.

Arsenal has always been a team that progresses with momentum and if we are able to get on a roll quick at the start, the 2014-2015 season would be one to remember.

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