Arsenal rumour roundup May 27th – Ahmedov, Del Piero, Yarmalenko, Radu and Bendtner


There have been a glut of new Arsenal transfer rumours over the last couple of days, so here is a little roundup of the ones you may not have heard about.

Firstly the Metro reports that the Uzbekistan international Odil Ahmedov has issued a come-and-get-me plea to Arsenal. He said: ‘I’m really happy to be playing at Anzhi, they’re a club with a big future. But I want to try in England or Spain.

‘Clearly all the clubs in Spain and England are wonderful, but I would like, if I had the choice, to play at Arsenal.’

But just because he wants to play for Arsenal doesn’t mean that Arsenal want him! is convinced that Wenger has put Andriy Yarmalenko at the top of his wishlist and he looks like a very talented young man.

InsideSpanishFootball is still promoting the fact that Arsenal are interested in the 37 year-old Del Piero, but it is total rubbish as far as I am concerned.

JustArsenal also report that Arsenal have decided to enter the battle to get the Lazio defender Stefan Radu, and although this has also been reported on Sky Sports I find it very hard to believe. If Wenger wanted a defender surely he would have snapped up Vertonghen?

Lastly Nicklas Bendtner tells us (on Goal) that he has been speaking to other clubs but has told them to wait until after the Euros before he will make a decision.

He hasn’t told us which clubs, and there have been no announcements by clubs like Scunthorpe and Blackburn as yet so I also find that one hard to believe! Hopefully some more believable rumours will come out of today’s Sunday papers.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal rumour roundup May 27th – Ahmedov, Del Piero, Yarmalenko, Radu and Bendtner

  1. It’s funny that AW knows what’s going on in Uzbekistan & Ukraine but doesn’t know if he wants to sign Powell, Dunk or Butland who he’s been following for yonks.

  2. pls dont believe everythng u read. u will be very suprised that these coaches dont even know some of these players not to talk of tracking them. its all a plan to sell papers!

  3. Wenger these are the players ti buy.


    Malish in Yei South Sudan

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