Arsenal had a brilliant result tonight in Istanbul, but that still doesn’t hide the fact that we are still starting the season with an extremely thin squad. I’m sure everybody reading this will expect me to still be ranting about the game against Aston villa in which Arsenal’s failures in the transfer market became apparent and probably cost us victory. I’m not going to blame the referee either as we have been the beneficiaries of dodgy decisions too many times in the past so instead I will talk about a player we should consider signing to ease our new found problems.

Don’t snigger and turn away but we should consider Javier Mascherano. Why you say? Well we know that the defence is going to be in crisis for the next few weeks because of injuries and a certain Laurent Koscielny being suspended which is where Masch fits in.

We are in need of a defensive midfielder in the long term as everybody knows and Mascherano originally played there. When he was at Liverpool he was a no nonsense anchor man who had better tackling abilities than the actual defenders. Since he moved to Barcelona he has been converted into a full time central defender because of Carles Puyol’s injury problems.

Signing him could solve two of our current problems. As I said before, our defence is bare and will be a massive weakness for the coming games, if we sign Mascherano he can cover there and play as a proper defender with experience any time.

When the rest of our defenders are available he can move into the defensive midfield role and be the best shield to our back line since Patrick Vieira.

He is 29 years old so he doesn’t have youth on his side, but is that a bad thing? We could always use more experience it our team and this guy has it in droves.

He has been the captain of Argentina and has an incredible 92 caps for his country.

Barcelona may also be willing to sell him considering their recent frantic search for defenders. They have made a bid for David Luiz and the media has said that they even want Daniel Agger and Jan Vertonghen.

They may not place Mascherano up for sale but they would surely consider it if we made an offer.

We need signings fast and we can solve many of our problems with this player. If you disagree then please let me know of another player with years of international and European experience who can play in defence and defensive midfield equally well and who is actually world class with no doubts over his ability.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal should go all out for Barcelona strongman

  1. I think Masch is a good option because he checks important boxes as you suggest. Equally important is he has solid Premiership experience already. If Barca are willing to sell we should try for him but I’m not convinced he’s the ultimate solution. He’s disgruntled with playing centerback but would likely have to play there for us as well.
    I’d prefer a true centerback and true holding midfielder but would take Masch if it were an option.

  2. If he’s the answer †̥♡̷̬̩̃̊ arsenal DM let wenger go FO̶̷̩̥̊͡Я him quickly !

  3. kondogbia or ginter would be a far better choice over mascherano..

    they both are younger than masch n would be available for less money than mascharano

    now as arsenal are almost certain to qualify for uefa…

    wenger will start buying..

    di maria would be a world class available cheap..

    i guess madrid will consider offers over $22 millions

  4. i think if we can buy mascherano from barca , its better for us to buy song back from their he is our player already

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