So after the first game of the season, the Arsenal injury list is already growing with Mikel Arteta joining the treatment table just before the game, whilst Arsenal and England superstar Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has now been ruled out for a while after having a scan on his knee.

The news had been flying round for a few days that the Ox’s injury could be serious, so much so that it was being reported to the extent of a massive 6 months, meaning he would miss most of the season much like Jack Wilshere did two years ago. However the problem has been played down but now there are further concerns over the extent of the length of time injury he will be ruled out for.

In Arsene Wenger’s press conference ahead of the Arsenal game vs. Fenerbahce, the boss was clear to say that the injury wasn’t as bad as first feared and that he will only be ruled out for around 6 weeks. This wasn’t too bad and although of course we never want any injuries to players, it was a sigh of relief for many as the duration came down from 6 months to 6 weeks.
However concerns quickly grew again when the newly turned 20 year old tweeted on his official twitter account that he would be out of action for around 3 months!

Now not only does that push all hope out of the door for Arsenal fans as we now know another one of our key players is now going to miss a lot of the season, but it also raises further questions over the manager. Ox’s tweet contradicts what Wenger is saying and surely they both would have been told the same news and duration date, so why have they said different times? If Wenger was trying to calm down the fears from Arsenal fans by lying about the date, although it may have worked for now, come 6 weeks later and we would have been a whole lot angrier when it turns out he is going to be out for at least 6 more!

Of course we don’t know who’s wrong so there’s no use pointing fingers. Hope Alex Oxlade Chamberlain all the best in his recovery, as well as all the other players that are struggling on the treatment table. Onwards and upwards I suppose! It just seems that the Arsenal medical staff are not too good about getting players back quickly.

2 thoughts on “Is Wenger lying to Arsenal fans over Chamberlain injury?

  1. I don’t think it does he will, be 1 1/2 months out of football, then 1 1/2 months recovering.

  2. Maybe one thing that the fans are yet to come to terms with is that lying comes to Arsene naturally. This now sheds dome light on this man’s psche. Who is to say therefore that all this nonsense about new players and a £70M kitty aren’t pies in the sky?

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