Just over a week and a half before the summer transfer window shuts and not only does Arsenal find itself lacking serious quality across the pitch, but it also lacks actual professional football players, with the club supposedly only having around 20 players available! It’s going to be a rough week and a half for Arsene Wenger and his management team, but if reports are believed to be true he may have pulled his finger out now after that 3-1 defeat to Villa, with speculation surrounding the club that several bids have been made and that we have negotiators flying to different countries now in order to speak with both clubs and players.

When it comes to the transfer window Arsenal must be one of the most frustrating clubs going. Even Jamie Carragher said they were frustrating him and he is Liverpool all the way. We have a strong stance over finances, struggle to compete with anyone because of money and when we do finally sign someone a lot of the time they are either deadwoods in the next few years or leave Arsenal to move on to better things. It can be a tough situation and no doubt Wenger is beginning to feel the strain but it’s now got to the point that any signing we make, regardless of the quality, (world-class talent excluding but there isn’t exactly many players of that quality available) is going to be slaughtered, punished with pressure and the media is going to cover every move, ready to pounce on the panic buys!

I think Cabaye is a panic buy move because I don’t understand what he would offer Arsenal apart from being another option in case of injuries or suspension. I don’t think he has anything special about him and he just seems like another good but also slightly average player. And what do average players turn out to be? Deadwood!

This year we got rid of a load of players labelled as deadwood and if I’m correct we only have Park and Bendtner remaining, although both their situations are unknown. But the thing is now we have done that and not acted upon bringing quality players in, what we are possibly going to do is sign some average players to fill the squad depth up, therefore replacing deadwood with deadwood!

I can guarantee to you that if we sign a player labelled as a panic buy and he is nothing but average, this time next year, we will all be calling him to be sold as a deadwood and so we wouldn’t have progressed at all. So far this summer has been nothing but a failure in terms of transfers, but if you want to be positive, I suppose you can always say at least we didn’t lose any of our big name players, YET!

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