Arsenal Star Turned Upon By Tottenham Fans

Arsenal’s defensive midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong was praised by his current manager Mick McCarthy for the excellent job he’s doing since he was brought on loan by Wolverhampton. The youngster helped the Wolves get a point out of the clash against Tottenham, but was then turned upon by the Spurs fans who remembered he’s a Gunner.

“I thought he was so unlucky with the free-kick he gave away because I thought he won the ball with a good tackle and it was a poor decision,” said McCarthy.

“I took him off because he might have got a second booking.

“I said to him at half-time that if he got warned for another one I might have to take him off.

“I’m sure Spurs would have loved to have been playing against ten men and I wasn’t going to let that happen. For safety’s sake I took him off.

“I’ve been there as a young player when you’re coming off and 30 or 40 thousand are giving you dog’s abuse.

“And you have to smile and have a sharpened pencil between your teeth and just take it.

“And he was fine – he was really, really good. He put in a mature performance and I was really pleased with him.”

Frimpong was one of the best players from the Wolves side, and he’s showing how much he managed to grow in the past years. Perhaps soon he’ll be able to come back to Arsenal and really challenge Song for the first team spot.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal Star Turned Upon By Tottenham Fans

  1. Good loans under good managers like Mic are so valuable and Frimpong will be and arsenal great@!

    Pity Coyle gor arrogant and shot his mouth off about Cahill offer and now he will be relegated and arsenal will certainly not loan him any more players.

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