Fed Up Arsenal Fans Plan Protest

Arsenal’s fans are starting to ask questions about the situation at the club ever since Fabregas and Nasri were allowed to go while no other top quality players were brought since. Gervinho proved his skill, but he was brought prior to those sales and ever since Arsenal haven’t been able to transfer any good player except Arteta.

“What was the point in six per cent price rises last summer if the club do not want to spend? We will always support the team and Wenger deserves respect and to be treated with dignity after everything he’s done for the club.” Fan leader Kelvin Meadows stated

Arsenal Star Turned Upon By Tottenham Fans

Arsenal’s defensive midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong was praised by his current manager Mick McCarthy for the excellent job he’s doing since he was brought on loan by Wolverhampton. The youngster helped the Wolves get a point out of the clash against Tottenham, but was then turned upon by the Spurs fans who remembered he’s a Gunner.

“I thought he was so unlucky with the free-kick he gave away because I thought he won the ball with a good tackle and it was a poor decision,” said McCarthy.

“I took him off because he might have got a second booking.

Is There More To Frimpong Than A Nervous Attitude?

Following incidents in which Arsenal’s midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong got into various riots on the pitch and culminating with the latest showdown with City midfielder Nasri, the Ghanaian is now worrying about what Arsenal fans think of him.

“Sometimes I’ll go on Twitter the day before a game to see what the fans are saying and people are suggesting I’ll deal with any players they don’t like – ‘Frimpong will get him’ and that kind of thing,” he told the Official Arsenal Magazine.

“They seem to have created a ‘wanted’ list of people for me to go for – I don’t know what they think of me!

Henry Heals Fans Hearts While Praising RVP

Former Arsenal legendary striker Thierry Henry thinks that Dutchman Robin Van Persie has the chance to have a statue of himself if he keeps this up. The Frenchman remembered the way Robin was when he first came at Arsenal and declared that he managed to make an incredible progress.

“What can I say about Robin? I saw him come in here and at the very beginning he wasn’t the easiest guy to deal with, like I wasn’t I guess,” said Henry. “But it’s amazing to see how he has improved.”

Jack Wilshere picks on Tottenham’s fans

Arsenal’s injured midfielder Jack Wilshere seems so bored about not being able to play and give Wenger a helping hand that he started to pick on Tottenham’s fans on Twitter. The 19-year-old placed a £3000 bet with Spurs’ supporters that Arsenal will finish above the White Hart Lane side.

“All Spurs fans buzzing that they are ahead of us in the league (for once). It’s a marathon, not a sprint!”, said Wilshere

“I tell you what at the end of the season if Spurs finish above Arsenal I will give £3000 to charity.”

Arshavin:”I am expecting more from me”

Russian footballer Andrey Arshavin admits that he was not at his best this season, and he promises Arsenal’s fans they will see a spike in his performances. The winger managed to score once for The Gunners in the game against Swansea, but all in all his performances were slightly poor.

Arshavin declared for Arsenal’s official website:

“They should expect more from me, of course,”

“They should expect some more tricks, goals and unbelievable passes.

“To be honest I am still expecting more from me as well. But believe me, I do everything I can do.