Benteke is not worth the risk for Arsenal – Not at that price….


Ever since Christian Benteke made sure his name was known in England, with several stunning performances, Arsenal players have been living in envy that we never picked him up for a bargain last summer and are now calling for Wenger to make a move for the Belgian international striker. The well-known Arsenal fan has already made several pleas to Arsene Wenger through the media this summer and now he has gone to the next stage by handing in a transfer request, which only adds to the speculation.

Many believe he is the perfect player and striker that we desperately need. A tall, strong, powerhouse finisher that is always ready to have a crack at goal and admittedly from his first season in England, I have been massively impressed, especially as he scored 20+ goals for Villa. But what’s important is to remember this is his FIRST season in English football and so like many he could turn into a one hit wonder.
Who remembers when Chamakh was excellent we he first joined us? He too was a one hit wonder and look where he is now and I’m sure you can name many more because I certainly can.

Many will argue that Premier League experience is vital and in some senses I would agree with that but in this case it doesn’t make a difference. Premier League experience is a player that has played for several years in England’s top flight, not someone who wasn’t even in England this time last year and so for the £20 odd million or whatever Villa apparently want for their man main, then he’s definitely not worth it. We are, (or should I say were?) reportedly paying £23 million for Higuain and those two players are of completely different talents.

Don’t think that just because Benteke has handed in a transfer request, Villa will let him go on the cheap. If anyone’s to get him they will have to pay the full valued amount and ultimately many need to realise he isn’t the answer.

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  1. Chamahk was not a one hit wonder, he was displaced once Ran Hersie(RVP) returned to fitness. I really dont have a problem if we signed Benteke, he has good pace and a eye for goal, and please name the other one season hits for me cause i dont know them. My concern is we are concentration on forwards we need a DM badly, the season is a couple weeks away so lets get it going.
    Ye alot of you going jump and say he betrayed Villa so we shouldnt take him, loyalty in football these days are gone and we have seen it here at our beloved arsenal, well tell me where you going to find a striker(young) with premier league experience already and score goals, there is no excuse that you could give to say why he can score more goals for arsenal

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