Can Arsenal destroy Liverpool’s spirits after their Champions League success?


Arsenal travel to Anfield today to try and get on track after the Gunners abysmal result at Stoke City last week, but Liverpool will be in a much more confident mood after scoring four goals against Hoffenheim in midweek to earn a place in the Champions League Group Stages.

The Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is urging his players to use that win as a stepping stone to further success, and not to get complacent. “We know this is an important part of our development. Another step,” Klopp said on the official Reds site. “Getting into the position to have the play-off was important. Winning the play-off was important. What is now important is to keep moving forward. What can we achieve next?

“Yes, I want the players to appreciate the moment – but appreciation doesn’t mean complacency. I don’t want that to satisfy anyone’s ambition. In fact it should make everyone more hungry and more greedy. To want more nights like Wednesday, more feelings like Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

“That is why, on Thursday, the attention immediately switched to today’s match against Arsenal. They will have the highest motivation to bring our spirits back down today. Our motivation to not let them do that is just as high.

“I know our supporters understand how important they are to us for a contest as intense as this one. We all go again and we go together and we look to make this a Sunday afternoon that can feel as special as a night-time fixture in Europe.

“We have shown before that we have this ability and I have confidence that everyone inside Anfield today, who cares about Liverpool FC, will do what is needed to make it the outcome.”

Liverpool should be feeling confident having lost only one of their last 15 Premier League games, and their last loss to Arsenal at Anfield was back in 2012. But can Arsenal take advantage of their euphoria to take them down a peg or two?

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