Arsene Wenger very pleased at ‘nice man’ Koscielny’s return against Liverpool

Arsenal have been playing with a makeshift defence in our last two League games, so Arsene Wenger will be very happy to see Laurent Koscielny to return from his suspension against Liverpool today. Obviously he won’t be completely match fit, but surely he must do better than our current back three.

Wenger is pleased to have the ‘quiet man’ back in the squad. “He was suspended for a while and apart from Stoke we did quite well with him not being there, but of course we are happy that he’s back and available for selection again.” Le Prof said.

“He is very calm, he is more an introvert than an extrovert but still a passionate character. The fact that he doesn’t speak too much sometimes doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have inner turmoil, and that he doesn’t explode sometimes. Overall he is a very nice man but there is still a steel in him as a defender.

“He has become a French international [since he came here], a regular and that French team is built around him. Overall let’s not put him under too much pressure because it is an important game for us. On the other hand I believe you want a stable defence to go into big games so that is why you are happy that he is back.”

Yes it will be great to have him back, especially against a team that loves to attack. We could do with a calming influence at last!

Will he be enough to stop Liverpool?

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