Can Arsenal win a bidding war for Eden Hazard?

The fight for Eden Hazard’s signature goes on in England, as English giants Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City are all tracking the attacking midfielder.

It seems that the transfer fee to beat is £30m, and that both City and United are looking to give their all to sign the Belgian international despite him being linked with the Gunners for over two seasons and despite Arsene Wenger’s previous attempts to bring him to the Emirates Stadium.

Both City and United had scouts at Lille’s game against PSG as Hazard managed to score his 17th goal of the season (and he’s far from being a striker) and Patrick Vieira himself was in the stands, but Arsenal are not to be forgotten about, because when you track a player for as long as Wenger did Hazard, you don’t really need to watch his games live anymore.

The Belgian has refreshed the statement that he’s looking to move away from Lille and to England as he declared:
“My objective is to go to the Premier League, because I have had my time in France. I want to finish the season with Lille and then go to England.”

Every Arsenal fan out there wishes to see the attacking midfielder join, but it’s becoming harder and harder. Do you think that Wenger will pull the transfer off?

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9 thoughts on “Can Arsenal win a bidding war for Eden Hazard?

  1. From all accounts Hazard is just what Arsenal need in midfield but, what you want and what you get are often miles apart. In this case `money talks` and Wenger will not be persuded to part with 30 million nor anything like it. If this blew up in his face he would never live with himself so I don`t see him taking the risk. City or Chelsea are favourites.

  2. I will be a happy arsenal throughout next season if arsenal finally sign harzad even if they did not win any trofies, i will not be happy if harzad sign for any the Manchester clubs. Or even chelsea and tottenham respectively.

  3. I’ll tell you one thing about Arsene Wenger…. he will often do what you don’t expect him to…. so I say he might sign Hazard… especially since it is not expected.

  4. Wenger wouldn’t of been keeping tabs on him for this long if he wasn’t thinking about bidding, hazards price has always been upwards of 20 mill so its obviouse that wenger is not put of by the price tag. In my view we are strong favourites because his former team mates and respected former players are all pointing towards arsenal. We bid 25 mill for gotze last summer what makes you think we won’t bid that much ever again, seriously people get your heads in order, we failed on gotze because he is loyal we failed last season on hazard because he wanted to stay another year same with m’villa and Martin. Last summer was very unlucky but assure you that this summer won’t be we have already acquired one I see no reason why we won’t be signing another

  5. No Arsenal cannot win the war. Looking at the spending power or unless Eden he himself wants to come to Arsenal.

  6. I believe arsenal can sign Hazard irrespective of the prize tag if only we can persuade him.lets look at sanchez situation at udinese last season where he wanted to join barca though city and united were ready to pay excess.wenger is highly respected in france coupled with hazard ex team mate now an arsenal player(Gervinho) and also his former team mater Cabaye urged him to join us .dont also forget that vermaelen is also a belgian like we easily negiotate for around £20-25 if we realy want him.

  7. I wish but according the other clubs it is impossible .The only is If he wants him self to be come to the gunners .

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