Chamakh States “Possibility” Of Scoring. Is He For Real?

Arsenal’s striker Marouane Chamakh has dismissed all the rumours which were linking him to a possible move away from the Emirates Stadium during the January transfer window opening, and according to the Moroccan he’s set to stay at the club at least until the summer.

“I am relaxed about my future. I’ve spoken with the coach [Wenger] and I’m staying with Arsenal after the Africa Cup of Nations,”

“I think Wenger has confidence in me. It was that reason that I left Bordeaux to join Arsenal.

“I had some good performances in my first season and it’s possible that I can repeat those.

“My agents have had calls from other clubs, but I want to show what I can do in the next few months.

“I’m tired of the rumours, because I only want to be focused on my work for Morocco. Personally, I have a lot more in my game and I want to demonstrate my level.

“Of course I want to play more, but it’s very difficult for a forward at Arsenal. The level is very high, but that’s the challenge that I was looking for.”

Now, did he just say that “it’s possible to repeat those”? Possible? Is that what the club is paying this fellow for the “possibility” of scoring and putting in good performances? Now if this doesn’t make Arsenal’s fans man nothing will. He’s supposed to put in top performances game in game out not wonder about the possibility of playing good now isn’t he…?

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2 thoughts on “Chamakh States “Possibility” Of Scoring. Is He For Real?

  1. i read into it the same way. this guy lacks the confidence of a 28year old striker and appers overalled when playing for us. the warning signs were there when he made negative comments about his role and the lack of goals he had scored for his last club. he has the abilty but doesnt believe in himself and plays the simple passes in a game without taking the ball by the scruff of the neck.
    that part of his game wont change and being on the pitch to blend in and not make chances for himself will see him move on in the summer. also one of his strengths is in the air and thats not our style. a reason also why bentner didnt make it. we need a dember ba or defoe type player who creates goals to compliment rvp(until he leaves in the summer!!)

  2. i don’t think chamakh is a striker or what ever we think he is. Its like he is always afraid of his opponents box, once he gets up front, he always turn around and pass back. i don’t mean to be insulting, i no football is not easy, if he can’t do it, then he shouldn’t do it, let him leave the club and stop talk about possibility, he is not play for free, the club is paying him.

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