I think it’s no real surprise that Arsenal are expecting a difficult game tonight as we look to visit last year’s Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund at their home stadium in Germany. The highly contested game holds more pressure for Arsenal to rekindle their Champions League chase for top spot rather than Borussia Dortmund who took all three points from the Gunners a few weeks back at the Emirates.

That game ended 2-1 to Dortmund and we lost on the back of a very disappointing goal considering that the time at which it came was quite unjust. We were dominating the game and looked the more likely to score, however Dortmund’s counter attacking style, which they are sure to present against us again tonight, was too much for the Gunners to handle, and we fell at the hands of Jürgen Klopp.

Now in this anticipated game, in which surely the two most competitive sides for first place in the group clash head to head, Arsenal will need to come away with at least a point; but of course a win would be good. Many are wondering how Arsenal will be feeling under this pressure, having been fairly confident in all their games so far.

However Laurent Koscielny, who has the difficult task alongside Per Mertesacker, of keeping out Polish danger man and supposed Arsenal target, Robert Lewandowski, told Arsenal.com:
“It (the 2-1 defeat) was difficult for us because I think we didn’t have a lot of opportunities against us. Dortmund put a lot of pressure on us at the start of the game. For us it’s very important to be fit and be ready physically because our football involves movement and passing so if we are not at 100 per cent it’s difficult to win.

“We play against a very good team. Dortmund played in the final of the Champions League last year and you know Marseille and Napoli have a lot of good players – it’s difficult because every team wants to win at home. But we have the quality and we have the players to make the difference away and win a lot of games. I think its 12 or 13 games we didn’t lose so it’s very important to continue and focus like this.”

It is very important we get back to winning ways or at least obtain a point, if we want to top the group, which has arguably been named as this year’s ‘Group of Death’. Wins against both Napoli and Marseille aren’t guaranteed and so Arsenal need to be very focused to stay in the game tonight, comply the pressure and hopefully walk away with all three points in Arsene Wenger’s hands.

Not only do Arsenal need to focus on tonight’s champions league clash, but with the game against Manchester United also on the horizon, Arsenal must be prepared to face two very difficult opponents, away from the Emirates, in the space of just a few days.

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