An announcement that is set to infuriate Arsenal about want-away striker Nicklas Bendtner even more is that the 25 year old has been left out of the Denmark national team squad ahead of their next game. The decision supposedly solely comes so Bendtner can ‘find a new club’, however I feel that the national side may also be fed up with the striker’s antics, not to mention his form isn’t exactly the best either, having struggled massively over the last 2-3 years.

It isn’t the first time the Denmark national side management have had their say on Bendtner with manager Morton Olsen previously stating that the striker should stop demanding the money and just join a team that could offer regular playing time, and so I suppose Olsen’s latest comments could also be a reflection about the fact there has been no progress since then.

Olsen said, “I don’t know, hopefully there will be something relating to his club situation and we hope that everything will come together for him”

Arsenal officials and fans alike will no doubt be as desperate to move Bendtner on as he says he is to leave, however the problem is it seems he will only move to a champions league team that can offer big money wages AND regular game time at the same time. The unfortunate thing for Bendtner and Arsenal is that isn’t going to happen. The Danish striker has had plenty of offers and at the moment Spanish side Malaga seem to be the club in the front running for him at the moment, however we’ve also seen him reject around 8 clubs already this summer, in most of which he would have been a key player.

I really don’t know what Bendtner is up to anymore because if you’re as desperate to leave Arsenal as he says then surely you’d accept the first reasonable offer away and I believe he has had several suitable clubs come in for him. It’s clear that his hype has got to his head and that he’s become nothing but a cocky yet sulky player, who at the moment seems to be concentrating on his jewellery business far more than his professional footballing career. Hopefully the decision by his national team might finally make him realise his real situation.

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