Could Eduardo really be set to re-sign for Arsenal?

If you’ve been an Arsenal fan for some time, I’m sure that you’ll remember the fan favourite that was Eduardo. The Croatian, born Brazilian, striker left the Gunners for Ukraine a few years back following on from an injury that he never quite recovered from. However all of a sudden there are reports that suggest that he could come back for a short stint of time.

Eduardo was always known for his fancy play and cracking shots. He was arguably the best striker in the Premier League before his devastating injury, as quoted by several commentators and pundits alike at the time. However that severe day in Birmingham, changed his career completely. Eduardo was never able to recover and return to the form that he had once displayed for Arsenal and although there were signs of quality still there, Arsene Wenger took the approach to sell Eduardo on, with Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk his new suitors.

However a few years down the line, and Eduardo has been linked with a return to the Gunners after the club suggested they would be on the lookout for another striker following Walcott’s six month layoff. The rumours which appeared a few days ago, stated that the move for Eduardo is expected to be nothing more than a six month loan deal, which if true is understandable, considering his age and the fact that he is more than likely to be out of touch with the Premier League levels now.

But Eduardo himself has responded with a statement that seems to suggest that he would consider such a move.
The Croatia international told the media: “I do not know anything about it, other than what I read in the media. But of course, who would not like to go to Arsenal? Everybody knows that when I left, everything was done in a friendly manner. We are still friends and after leaving I spoke several times with Arsene Wenger. I still have many friends in London but of course this does not mean that I will come back to Arsenal.”

Although nothing is concrete, my opinion is that this may just be another rumour. However if Arsenal was to look at him, would you take him back at the club? There is no doubt he was a good striker, and he had quality whilst he was with the Gunners, but I’m not sure if he has the same capabilities a few years down the line. If it’s a loan deal then there can be little wrong with the move however anything else and Arsenal could be looking at the wrong player to help aid our strike force. Is this rumour realistic?

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