Did Anybody Else Get Tired Of Wenger’s Injury Excuses?

It seems that Arsenal’s board are not looking to change things at the club despite the recent turn of events and the horrible losses that the Gunners registered in the last few days.

“We are committed to Arsene and we expect him to see out his contract.”

Arsenal’s manager is saying the same things he was saying one year ago and actually the same thing he keeps saying for the last 6 years. That the team has the quality but they’re unlucky and the injuries keep them from winning.

“We have what it takes at the club and we will add what it takes. But at the moment I believe we are not making plans for next season, we are making plans for the next game.

“I think we have what it takes at the club when everybody is available, because we had many missing and big, big players, too.

It is true that Arsenal have always been one of the teams which have many injuries but one would think that in 15 years you would get the idea and transfer more players just to be able to have quality backups. Or am I wrong?

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19 thoughts on “Did Anybody Else Get Tired Of Wenger’s Injury Excuses?

  1. Hold on a minute, lets check the facts shall we?

    1.Wishere out all season to date.
    2.Sagna out for three months.
    3.Jenkinson out for four months.
    4.Santos out for the season?
    5.Gibbs out for three months.
    6.Vermaelan out for one month.
    7.Mertesacker out for rest of season.
    8.Coquelan out for how long?
    9.Kos out for two games.
    10.Gervino banned for three matches at start of season.
    11.Gervinho out for African cup.
    12.Chamack out for African cup.
    13.Kronkie still the owner.

    Now then, following your argument we should have known this was GOING to happen and bought to cover this scenario!!!


    The critisism could be that our back up players are not good enough, but name any team on the planet that could cope with that list..none is there.

    It is No. 13 that seems to be the problem and I can only hope that Usminov gets enough shares to get on the board in order to throw light on whats being going on with our club…thats what we should be concentrating on!!!!!

    1. Agree about Kroenke. How many shares does Usmanov need – could the AST not sell him what he needs. He needs to get on this Board.

  2. Just how many players do u think we.can have? we have.had to loan out players sell players and in almunias case even be delisted and un registered. we have 64 professionals and a further 15 scholars.

    the problem is quality not quantity

    1. You speak as if we are stuck forever with these players. What happened to the transfer market? Can they not be sold? Instead of selling our crap players, AW gives them long contracts and then aggravate fans by selling our best players. The man is only interested in profits!!!

  3. It is really sad that wenger is still arsenal coac and i’m not suprise because he is protecting the board interest by buying cheap players. The board and wenger are only concern with making money than trophies, it is sad for a club like arsenal to spend 7years without winning even carling cup. Everyday we hear from wenger that his team character, where is the character? Arsenal need a reliable goalkeeper, three solid defenders(with premier league experience) 2 strong and tall midfielders(one attacking and one defensive) we have too much short players in the midfield and three players upfront and one must be a natural left footer. Preparation for next season must start now, we identify the players we wanted now and start negotiating with their teams. As soon as the transfer window open we bring them in, so that they can start blending with the team before the season start. As for this year, let us forget about fourth place, because we don’t have d players to get that position, the character is not there

    1. Don’t know what planet this kind of tosh comes from. We’ve already got the best goalkeeper in the EPL, TV5 would get into any first 11 in the league as would RVP. Loosing Jack for the season was a huge blow at the outset, the ridiculous spate of injuries to full backs would have stretched any squad. AA cost big bucks and hasn’t delivered(despite everybody screaming for his signing at the time), same can be said of Gervinho and Chamakh. Spending big money doesn’t guarantee results. Arsene Wenger’s got it right more times than most. Without the mad cash that his rivals have spent. This season just simply was incredibly unlucky for Arsenal, no denying it. As for winning trophies, few clubs manage to actually do that. Arsenal fans over the last 15 years have been spoilt beyond belief with the huge success we’ve had under Arsene Wenger. Shame on those so called ‘supporters’ who desert the ship now.

  4. Stupid blog written by an idiot. If you read the Untold Arsenal site where they keep logs of the injury situation of all the top clubs you will see that Arsenal are nearly always hit hardest by injuries. Not just this season but for the last few seasons. For example at one stage last year we had all our centre backs except one injured. This season ALL our fullbacks, now three centre backs. Vermaelon, out virtually all last season now forced to play out of position as cover for the backs, young midfielders covering fullbacks etc. Wilshere out all season, I could go on and on. They are not excuses for us not performing to our best they are fully understandable valid REASONS for our not getting better results. We have had 5 players go down injured this last week, of course its all Wengers fault. We can only have 25 in our squad (plus youngsters), they are the regulations currently, so come on clever dick how would you handle things.

  5. Mick…brilliant, thats what I was trying to say mate.
    Thank God there are still gooners out there who know the real reason for our problems (apart from the board of course).
    Untold Arsenal is a real Gooner site that is full of facts..check it out gooners!!!

  6. why do we have more injuries than other teams?…surely that must be down to poor management, so rather than excuse him the problem should be attributed to him……wenger is adept at making lame excuses and i hope his time has run out.
    Anyone that denies the obvious that wenger is now a joke must have some mental problem or some strange belief that wenger is the 2nd coming!,,,,,,HE bought SQUID CHAMAKH PARK and a pile of other useless players that ive no need to list here. A footballing charlatan that loses nearly every game against above average opposition.

    1. Obviously you’ve never heard of Anelka, Vieira, Petit, Henry, Song, Szczesny, Vermaelen, Fabregas, Nasri, Walcot, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere. All Arsenal players because of Arsene Wenger. Learn some facts before you spout such rubbish about our club.

  7. So BigTone it was Arsenes fault when Mertesacker twisted on the Sunderland pitch was it?
    Jack Wilshere should sue Arsene for the loss of season after Arsene told him to break bones in his body?
    And so on with all our injuries…its all Arsene Wengers fault?
    It was Arsene who told Kos and Schez to mess up and let Birmingham win the cup last year was it?
    Try and think your statements through before making a fool of yourself mate!!!
    Now with regards to bad buys, you have a good point.
    However please name me one manager who hasn’t?
    Explain why, despite everything, we are still fourth in the league.
    Await your reply on all the above with interest.

  8. @Mick
    Thanks for the injury update, captain hostility.
    Seems you have forgotten the perennially injured players on our team that are taking up spots on our squad and earning money to sit on the treatment table for almost every season. I’m talking about the likes of Diaby, Denilson, Gibbs etc. These players are wasting our time and money, but does wenger address the situation? No, he persists with them in hope that “one day, they will be ready” and stay fit. Rubbish. No other top team has this mentality. If a player can’t stay fit, he should be sold and a replacement found. Don’t start bringing up RVP and Vermaelen either. They are the exception, not the rule and it could even be argued that vermaelen hasn’t returned as the same player he was last season. Wenger must be held accountable for keeping these sick notes in our squad.

  9. wenger had ran out of sens,will anyone tell dat other club dint av injury too?thesame excusses for almost 7yrs now,wenger cumulative frequency has got to d peak n down he comes,nothin to gooner againg with d stupid board member,do u ever see watching gooner wen playin,no! london fans is yr time to chase wener out by base ball batton like dat of liverpool benitzs,left to UUUU

  10. Injuries down to poor management? Ramsey got his leg snapped in half because of Wenger then? Sagna flew into a sign and broke a bone because Wenger can’t manage? You’re an idiot. Loses almost every game against above average opposition? We’ve not finished outside the top 4 under wenger, looks like over a season there are only 2 or 3 above average teams then.

    Chamakh was free btw and he gave us a very solid half season, time to shift him in the summer and if we get cash for him then good business, every manager buys players that don’t work out, including Alex Ferguson, the most successful manager in the EPL – Wenger is always buying cheaper players so doesn’t have access to that top tier so he’s more likely to end up with a flop here or threre.

  11. If you look at the opta stats one thing is obvious.

    Ramsey and Gervinho only pass forward 44% of the time. last season Nasri and Fabregas passed forward over 65% of the time.

    That is why we dont create anything, because we can’t pass forward.

    And as for the injuries its not an excuse and it stopped being an excuse after it was used for 5 seasons in a row, certainly doesn’t was for 7 years.

  12. Wenger is nothing bt a big failure.Wat do he expect 4rm cheap playas?He only knw hw 2 sell his playaz easily wit out proper replazment.Cesc stay 4 gud six yrs wit no trophy at emirate bt jus tak a luk at him nw at barca at lis even if he should hang his boot 2day he has somtin 2 show.Pls rvp help ur sef by goin 2 were u cn win trophy cos we all luv u

  13. As soon as the Emirates stadium project swung into full gear, AW stopped being a football manager and became obsessed with making loads of cash and disguised this by proclaiming his new ‘youth’ policy. The Invincibles were quickly dismantled to give credence to that, but the sad truth is now being unmasked. The man has now openly admitted he’s no longer focused on winning any trophies, as he clearly views 4th place as a trophy. Truely sad indeed.

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