Does lack of Arsenal transfer rumours mean Wenger has won war of secrecy?

Recycled news can only mean one thing. As the Arsenal fans become ever more frustrated with the lack of club signings and Wenger’s rather under ambitious nature, the media continues to prey on our concerns by ultimately getting our hopes up, just for our dreams to be crushed once again, like every year.

The media plays a massive part in football nowadays. Previously you wouldn’t have had all this contract speculation, massive bidding wars and rumours surrounding which players were coming in or in Arsenal’s case leaving. Because before, the only way you knew your club was going to make a signing was if the club had announced it. The media had no accurate information into the footballing world. What happened at a club stayed with the club as its own knowledge and not to be preyed upon as the latest gossip. Well now that’s all changed, although has it really changed as much as we think?

We are all aware that Wenger likes to keep his club business private and so when it comes to the media talking about Arsenal, the majority of the time its guess work. They might have a few contacts that know information from the inside, but in most cases they are just playing on their cards. And sometimes it’s funny for them to play with the minds of football fans and so they produce these extraordinary stories regarding world class players to come to Arsenal, only for the report to be absolute rubbish to put it nicely.

It’s all about a paper selling game. Who can make the most money in a competitive league? Sounds familiar to Arsenal doesn’t it, but what this creates is recycled news. How many different stories did we hear regarding Higuain? Jovetic? Rooney? And even more recently in Suarez! Not forgetting that just yesterday the rumours surrounding Fellaini picked up again.

They do this not just because they are big name players, but also to show that the club has some genuine interest in that player, but the Belgian’s release clause lapsed yesterday and if Arsenal were really keen we would have heard about a bid. Assuming that Wenger is actually trying to bring in some players this summer, which he surely must be, the media are completely in the dark about who, apart from Suarez. When we do complete some transfers, they will probably surprise us all.

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6 thoughts on “Does lack of Arsenal transfer rumours mean Wenger has won war of secrecy?

  1. Wenger is the most stupid manager I̝̊̅ hv eva seen.let hm continue to deceive arsenal fan

    1. And how many have you seen? I’ve been supporting arsenal for almost 25 years now and I can’t say whatever you said, not just for arsenal, but globally too.

  2. Yeah .. media just makes it up. They need to survive as well . Arsene for one don’t go about saying which he wants. Like Nacho Monreal case – he was supposed to come this summer which was later revealed. But media didn’t have a clue whatsoever. I think we will be signing players – which are not predicted by the media.

    1. That’s actually a really good point!.. We didn’t know anything of that deal until it was announced by Arsene that he was trying to move it forward. This whole big deal to bring him here the next year had been made yet not one person had even hinted at it. Just goes to show that they really can keep things completely wrapped up when they want to. Not even a reserve team player from Malaga or a cleaner from the Emirates had tweeted it or anything. For all we know, we could have Fellaini and Suarez signed up already and just not want to be alerting other teams yet. (You have to keep some hope lol)

  3. AW has even said his transfer dealings remain confidential. so let the media continue their hypertensive rumours

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