It is perhaps a bigger concern for Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger than it would be at most clubs, because of the crippling injury list that the club has had to cope with in recent years, including the way last season’s Premier League title challenge fell away when we lost the likes of Theo Walcott.

And the flying England forward who is just coming back from that long term injury has told Talksport that his new team mate Alexis Sanchez is giving his team mates and manager a little cause for concern about his own fitness.

Theo revealed that the Chile international is not only determined to play in every minute of every game for Arsenal, but he does not even want to miss any training, including his reluctance to even take a day off when he is supposed to.

Walcott said, ““In training he doesn’t even want to do recovery days. That’s how much he loves football.

“All the guys have told him he needs to chill out because, at Christmas when all the fixtures come along, it’s going to catch up with you.

“He doesn’t care, he just wants to play and win. He’s a good leader, and something that we haven’t had in the Arsenal team before. He’s a dream to play with.”

It is up to the boss to make sure the undoubted star of the season for the Gunners so far does not burn himself out of course, although you see the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo playing in every game and never getting subbed. JUst take it easy will you Alexis, because Arsenal need you!!

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