Arsenal target Luis Gustavo, who currently plays for Bundesliga and Champion’s League winners Bayern Munich is reportedly being allowed to leave the club should a reasonable offer come in for the Brazilian midfielder. The main interest in the player so far came from German side Wolfsburg, however it’s understood that the player turned down Wolfsburg in favour of a move to the Premier League with both Arsenal and Chelsea reportedly interested in him.

I don’t know how much we should read into rumours on social networking sites because ultimately anyone can make up a rumour and then it can be quite easily spread by the ‘twitterverse’ however there are some people on there who proclaim to have genuine contacts within the club. I’m not talking about Agent this or Undercover that, but @GeoffArsenal is seen to be quite reliable amongst transfer news, having called Cazorla, Monreal and also Higuain ‘agreeing terms (but that’s all)’ as the players from recent windows.

Not to mention this is also a rumour that’s been doing the rounds in the papers and European media, so I think there is definitely some link here but to what extent remains unknown. It’s pretty clear that no deal has been agreed otherwise you would have seen it explode onto the news, especially with how desperate we are all becoming for transfers to happen at the club.However, Arsene Wenger’s words do suggest that a deal may be close.

He said, “There is nothing concrete yet.”

Gustavo who predominately acts as a defensive midfielder is also quite versatile and so he’d prove to be an effective option across the pitch. Many see him as the perfect realistic option to fit our problems in the middle of the park and I couldn’t agree more. He would steady our defence and be a rock in midfield, proving to be that effective ball winner and protector that we have been crying out for ever since the Vieira days. The best thing about this possible deal is probably the price, with Bayern supposedly valuating him at a fair £14 million. That’s pretty good for a player of his quality and presumably if the Suarez deal is pulled off as well it would still leave us with a bit of money to spend on a backup goalkeeper and defender.

4 thoughts on “Gustavo transfer to Arsenal is NOT done but Wenger hints it’s close

  1. Just buy him for god sake. We need to buy for the 55 games coming at us.

  2. Arsene wenger should please buy him, time is running out we really need a solid defensive midfielder. The asking price is not bad, Wenger please GRAB him for GOD sake.

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